Castiel + Crowley?

In the finale, Crowley was 99% close to being purified as a human and we’re not sure what exactly happened to Castiel.

What if Crowley is not really a man but not really a demon either? And what if Cas is not really a man but not really an angel either?

What if Crowley, due to the injections of human blood, has a hard time remembering his time as a demon and just thinks he’s a regular man with amnesia. 

And what if Cas, due to whatever Metatron did, does not remember his time as an angel?

What if the two meet, feeling strangely drawn together for some reason, and fall in love? Only to find out that one is the former king of hell (I’m sure Abadon takes over in Crowley’s absence) and one is the former king of heaven (although not really but let’s face it Cas went through that whole god phase).

And the two regain their memories. Angels and demons continue to fight. But even though they both have the capability to completely wipe each other out–they don’t. Because they secretly love each other.

Oh man, Destiel fans will have my head for this but I want someone to write a fic.

ha I might have written a short destiel / crowliel fic thing.

Title: I traded in my wings, for everything freedom brings
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Castiel/Dean, Castiel/Crowley
Spoilers: 6x20
Warnings: M/M, fallen!castiel
Summary: Imagine throwing it all away. Living on the street because you want to make your own choices. Fallen angels don’t have to pretend.
A/N: This pairing is so unloved, gosh! I needed to contribute something :)