Castiel drifts towards the woman’s department almost as soon as they enter the store.

Dean has a momentary panic because Castiel is a strange looking man in a trenchcoat who likes to lurk, but he dismisses it quickly. If Castiel gets into trouble he can zap himself out and it’s not as if he’s doing anything illegal just by walking through the women’s section.

Castiel likes to look at nice things and Dean has to admit, the clothes in the women’s section are more colourful and attention grabbing than the stuff in the men’s. Dean heads on, looking for plaid, jeans and the occasional brightly coloured tie that he’ll wear when he’s next undercover.

He doesn’t see Castiel again until he’s at the counter, getting ready to pay. Castiel appears, his arms loaded with t-shirts and skirts, a couple of dresses, underwear and cardigans. He lays them lovingly down on the counter, smiling at Dean.

“You’re always saying I should have new clothes,” he says, picking up a t-shirt with a picture of a kitten on the front of it. “This is my favourite.”

Dean swallows. The sales-girl is looking at them, her eyebrow raised, silently judging them and Dean wants to tell Castiel to take it all back, to stop being so stupid and just behave but he doesn’t. He takes a deep breath.

Who gives a damn what the sales-girl thinks? They’re never going to see her again. He lives with Castiel every day and seeing Castiel happy means a lot more to him than if a stranger approves or not.

“Yeah?” he says, looking over the pile of clothes. He passes his credit-card across to the sales-girl “Ring ‘em up, we’ll have them all.”

Castiel’s smile is worth it.

Getting Castiel home and having a private fashion show is just a bonus.