I’m just going to believe that Hannah and Cas’s arcs are going to be about them coming closer as siblings instead of “we forget all angels are related incest”

For example:

Cas: Bitch

Hannah: What did you call me?

Cas: A bitch. It is a female dog that-

Hannah: No, I know that. I am curious to why you are insulting me.

Cas: I did not wish to insult you. I was under the impression that this term was used between siblings as a gesture of affection. You were supposed to call me jerk. I apologize.

Hannah: ….I am not adverse to this idea.


Hannah: *something in Enochian*

Cas: *something in Enochian*

Sam to Hannah: What did you just say?

Hannah: I called him a newt that doesn’t know how to swim. He replied that I was a goat that has had sexual relations with a tree.


Hannah: It is more humorous in Enochian. 


#SPN10 countdown challenge | day 20 - episode 20 season 4
Jimmy Novak

This is a heartbreaking story. In this episode, we learn about Castiel’s vessel and just how traumatising the experience has been for him. I can only imagine how much he’s suffered since then.

It was a hard choice! In S04E20, we also see Bobby and Dean locking Sam up in the saferoom for his own good after his blood addiction. In S05E20, the nickname ‘moose’ is used by Crowley for the first time. In S06E20, Castiel and Crowley have a tiny domestic while they work together. In S07E20, we meet Charlie, and in S08E20 we learn about Charlie’s mother. The 20s are all pretty good! In the end, I chose Jimmy’s story.


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