Okay seriously, standing ovation to this show and the end of this particular episode for making me see the actual worth in a Papa Castle storyline that I did not want before (especially CIA-related). The reasons for Meredith’s infidelity give her character more depth, they address what a lot of fans have complained about with the character of Castle, and having an ominous ending to an episode again is pretty fucking great. It’s going to be really interesting to see how willing and able Castle will be to open up to Beckett and make this relationship more viable. She put in the work last season; so excited to see his own efforts. 


iwantobemorethanwhoiam said:

Just wondering if you could recommened any good Caskett divorce fics? I really like reading them too even though if it actually happened I would be completely devestated. ):

Hi! You might’ve already read it but I love Dissolution by liviafan1 the most. Castle and Beckett might be too emotional in it for some readers’ tastes but I ate it up. I was absorbed from start to finish and read it again. Skimming the prologue now, I’m tempted to reread immediately but I can’t. Gotta work first. Make America better, etc.

I’d love to get a fic recommendation or two from you, too!

anonymous said:

I don't think it's fair for you to say she shouldn't bring her significant other with her to events if she wants to keep her personal life private. She never discusses her personal life when asked about it and she's an actress, these events are part of her life, she shouldn't have to go alone or with a random date instead of bringing the person she wants with her there. Imagine having to go to parties/receptions without your boyfriend just because people might have phones and cameras.

I understand what you’re saying. But there’s some celebrities who intentionally go to events without their significant other in the interest of privacy. Julia Roberts and Gwyneth Paltrow/Chris Martin, for instance. Lots of guys bring their mothers as dates. I didn’t mean that Stana should be a miserable lonely soul at events. Of course not. She is my sunshine. I don’t want to be her…nimbostratus.

I am also, of course, simply jealous of any guy fortunate enough to be with her. Of all the women to describe themselves as 100% heterosexual, sonofanacorn

anonymous said:

Is that such a bad thing though? I want to throw a shoe at the tv everytime they use the formal "you". You would think whoever does the dubbing would have the intelligence to at least make him say "Je t'aime" but no. Apparently, in their mind going from "vous" to I'm going to have my way with you against this door in the span of one day is totally normal behavior.

Ha! Yes, I’ve found the tutoiement/vouvoiement interesting in the version française as an American watching an American show. It was especially fascinating and dramatic to watch the immediate switch at the end of the dubbed version of Always: “Beckett, qu’est-ce que vous voulez?” “Toi.” Congratulations, Rick Castle. Kate Beckett loves you, you’re about to have sex, and with this shift to the informal, you’re officially colleagues!!

Speaking of dubbing in Always, it amuses me and drives me nuts that they even dub the kissing. Come on, man, just use the original sounds instead of French actors kissing the air or their hand or whatever the hell they do.

anonymous said:

Did you actually tell the old woman what this was about?

My group asked if she was aware of the filming but she wasn’t, nor was she familiar with the show. And sadly she can’t watch it on the channel France 2 because last week was the final Castle Monday until September. My beloved weekly tradition with my host family is over. Bonjour tristesse.

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4. How long have you been active on Tumblr, and how has it made your life better? 

5. In addition to Tumblr, what social media sites are you active on, and what do you tend to share on each?

6. So you can talk to Stana or Nathan at an event and say whatever you want but it has to be for 15 seconds or less. Who do you choose and what do you say? Extra points for detailed feelings.

7. With computers, what are your strongest technical skills? (WPM, Photoshop, fuckyeahspreadsheets, etc)

8. What do you love about your country?

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11. If you could have one prop from the sets of Castle, what would you choose?

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All right, nevermind; I just talked to a Tumblr pal on the phone and she said the cast filming for the day is done at the listed set of locations. Oh well. 45 days until my flight, which is a lot of time for other potential attempts.

And now I have limitless time today to work on Google Analytics implementation for the hospitality industry. If you want to trade places, that time is now, friends.

P.S. I am so low-maintenance but today, just in case I lucked into a photo with a Katic, I put more thought into my appearance than a typical job interview or date. I should’ve bought a fucking corsage while I was at it

anonymous said:

Hey, thanks for sharing your story and pictures with us. really generous of you! I am from Germany and heading to LA in the fall some time, so I was wondering how you knew where they were going to shoot. Is there a special site you checked? Thanks so much in advance!

Thanks, I’m glad you liked them! On Location Vacations gives filming location information for shows and films. They’re also on Twitter @olv. I had missed the tweet about today’s filming but saw it on Tumblr so thank you castlesque!