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Quad Lake

Flooded Academic Quad, 1941

There has been a lot of rain in Houston lately. Not only is Houston above average for monthly rainfall, but it’s high for the year, 20.65 inches compared to the average 16.26.

Thankfully, Rice now has good drainage. The campus could look like the image above, which was taken by James Casten ’42. He took it from his room, 302 South Hall (old Wiess College), while looking toward the quad. At least that is what is written on the back of the photograph. From the angle, it looks like Casten might have been a bit closer to the ground.

Here is Casten again reading the newspaper in a dorm room, probably 302 South Hall.

John Stock and Jim Casten in dorm room, 1941

Rainfall stats courtesy of Weather Underground.

politemaniac replied to your postsometimes I go through yearbooks from elementary…

I’m laughing at this so much

old year books are honestly one of the best forms of entertainment which is why it sucks that high school ones were so expensive

I don’t wanna pay that much for potential future jokes


Ezariah let out a low growl as the girl spoke, his jaw clenched anger surged through him. These people had no morals, no sense of guilt. He grip tighten around the glass instrument in his hand stirring, the new formal.

“What the fuck. I always knew I’d go back in the game. I mean I know Cage is plotting against dante as we speak. Why wasn’t I informed the second you found out it wasn’t an accident in the damn dorm? Never fucking mind what do you mean two kids are missing?”

Maalaustapahtuma yrityksille.

Tarjoamme teille kehittämäämme taidekonseptia/maalaustapahtumaa osaksi yrityksenne eri tilaisuuksia.

Järjestämme noin tunnin pituisia inspiroivia maalausiltoja. Joko omissa tiloissanne tai viihtyisässä myymälä/ateljeessamme Helsingin keskustassa, osoitteessa Uudenmaankatu 11.

Taiteilija Johnny Ramstedt inspiroi kaikkia maalaamaan aidon taulun akryyliväreillä pingoitetulle kankaalle. Casten Idström kertoo illan aikana käytettävistä maalaustarvikkeista. Valmis taideteos jää positiiviseksi muistoksi hauskasta illasta.

Kevätjuhlat, kesäjuhlat, joulujuhlat, päättäjäiset, polttarit, johtoryhmän kokoukset tai ihan muuten vaan - kehittämämme maalaustapahtuma on luova ja inspiroiva tilaisuus, joka luo yhteishenkeä ja rentouttaa mieltä.

Ystävällisin terveisin

Johnny Ramstedt, 0400 447 068
Casten Idström,

[ Authors ]
S. Karampagia, Dennis Bonatsos, R. F. Casten
[ Abstract ]
Statistical measures of chaos have long been used in the study of chaotic dynamics in the framework of the interacting boson model. The use of large number of bosons renders additional studies of chaos possible, that can provide a direct comparison with similar classical studies of chaos. We intend to provide complete quantum chaotic dynamics at zero angular momentum in the vicinity of the arc of regularity and link the results of the study of chaos using statistical measures with those of the study of chaos using classical measures. Statistical measures of chaos are applied on the spectrum and the transition intensities of 0+ states in the framework of the interacting boson model. The energy dependence of chaos is provided for the first time using statistical measures of chaos. The position of the arc of regularity was also found to be stable in the limit of large boson numbers. The results of the study of chaos using statistical measures are consistent with previous studies using classical measures of chaos, as well as with studies using statistical measures of chaos, but for small number of bosons and states with angular momentum greater than 2.