Followers Masterpost pt 1

Hi!! This post is for all my new and old followers that I have not acknowledged. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you for following my shitty blog and tolerating me. I make a point to follow back all of you because you are so fabulous!! I also wanted to say that I’m intensively crappy at tagging anything, so if any of you blacklist anything that I don’t tag, PLEASE INFORM ME!! It’ll be my pleasure, I swear!!

sweatersandbowlegs said:

♡ ✖☮:3

I have no url saved.

Tumblr crushes:

alwayspudding 4%

dean-and-his-pie 4%

casteaelle 4%

acciothetenthdoctor 4%

thecenterofprocrastination 2%

dragoncall 2%

mydarklord 2%

ridingklainebows 2%

missing-misha 2%

Five favorite blogs:

1. lizinabigcity She’s my chicon 2013 buddy!

2. struck-by-misha

3. castiels-pleasure-in-dean-cock

4. cleverdeduction

5. dragoncall


casteaelle said: You look super pretty with long hair!

Thank you, love. ; v ;

This is seriously making my night.

I’ve never been able to have long hair because it gets thin and tangled and doesn’t look nice. And I am so okay with settling for a wig. This is wonderful.

casteaelle said:

i'm seamus, my favourite colour is orange or any sort of cool colour, my favourite ship is destiel, my favourite ice cream flavour is cookies and cream, yes i have a cat and many dogs, and my Hogwarts house is Gryffindor yo uwu (isn't this for people you don't know? Oh well, oops)

hi guys this is seamus pls follow him i am 100% in platonic love w him