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I was just wondering your thoughts in who bottoms and who tops in wincest?

I’ve answered this question a couple of times: here and here.  But I could honestly talk about this all day; it’s one of my favorite topics.

I think it’s likely Sam would naturally be “toppy”/commanding in a physical relationship with Dean, because that’s how we know he likes it with other people.  For example, remember Sam’s sex scene in “Heart”?  He was pretty aggressive with Madison, pushing her against the wall and grabbing her head and biting her and stuff.  Even more so with Ruby in “I Know What You Did Last Summer”; he picked her up and fucking pulled her hair.  And then there was when he was soulless.  (Ayyyyy.)

Dean, on the other hand, is into following along and doing what he’s told.  Cassie’s the one who starts undressing him in “Route 666,” and she even pushes him onto the bed.  Better examples, though, come later.  He talks about being “made” to wear women’s underwear in “The End” and enjoying it.  (It’s actually unclear whether he liked the panties themselves or the fact that he was told to wear them.  I think it was a little of both.)  And in “Girls, Girls, Girls,” he gets excited at the prospect of “sexy rules” he would have to follow.

So I see Sam taking what he wants and Dean being glad to give it to him as, like, the natural order of things.  But that doesn’t necessarily determine who likes to take it up the ass, so I think that could definitely be both. :)

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OMFG to the people who are submitting asks about Cassie's eating disorder and asking how to starve themselves stop. PLEASE it's awful. I had a friend who starved herself.had. She collapsed and was put on a feeding tube, but she was still to weak and i didn't get to see her or say goodbye. I lost my friend because of her starving herself to be 'lovely'. It's heavy that I'm sharing this but I just want those people to know that disorders are not fun glamorous and lovely, they make you weak and ill

Thanks for sharing, so sorry for your loss. I represent the admin team and hope you’re okay and please stay strong. 

I have a friend who has an eating disorder as well, she starves herself and only ate very little every month. She collapsed once and had to stay at the hospital for quite a long time. She’s still recovering now but I’m taking care of her. 

Please do not starve yourself, people. Although Cassie was a lovely character do not look up to what she did to herself. It’s not okay and don’t attempt what she did. x

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I SAW A MORTAL KOMBAT ASK. What if Recruit took moves from the games. She's a fucking nerd so of course she'd be a bigger video game nerd. She watched and played hours of the games just to take moves from characters she liked the best (Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Mileena, Sonya Blade, Liu Kang, and newcomer Cassie Cage). It's safe to say she REALLY likes taking moves from people (like Captain's in that training excercise).

Hahaha she would probably practice them with Rhodey and Sam!

“Maybe I can get Tony to make me like an ice blaster or something.”

“I don’t think I want to be near you if that becomes a thing…”

“Ohh ohh Rhodey you have to do the splits thingy that Johnny Cage does!!”

“No. No way. Stop that thought right now.”

“Ohh I want fans like Kitana! I can cut things up.”

“I worry about you sometimes. You’re the person violent videogame warning labels were made for.”



Cassie’s Letter Part 3

The hermit was Denis, that detective who send me to jail, and who was your colleague.

That’s right, the Black Symnamite himself was living there. I have to admit, that’s a nice place for an outdoor retreat. We had a lot of fun together, and he is now my friend. I have also given to him your address, so don’t be surprised if you will have a letter from him.

Stay close to your mail box, because i’m gonna moving to some other places, and i will maybe send you billions of other letters, you know, like in that Harry Potter scene.

your forbidden love friend Cassie

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How and when did Cassie's mum die?

She died somewhere in between season 2 and season 7 and we were not told the cause. That’s all we know about her death unfortunately. 


Hey cassie It’s me again I was just wondering since Lady Midnight doesn’t come out until next year and the new covers are coming out in September for the books that are already out, will they change the cover to match the old ones or the new ones? — chazzypanda

I understand why everyone is asking. The thing is they are designing the cover right now, and usually they’ll design several versions of a cover. Then the cover is taken to a million meetings at the publisher and they pick their favorites. Those favorites are taken to executives at Walmart, Target, Barnes and Noble, and indie bookstores, and they also vote on what covers they want. The repackaged covers that were revealed this week were finished a long time ago, but they had to go through an exhaustive process of approvals from everyone in the universe before they could be revealed.

So I cannot tell you what LM will look like exactly because I don’t know. I imagine Lady Midnight will incorporaate elements of both the old and the new covers. 

Hey! I just saw the covers for The Infernal Devices, and I am in love with them! But I have to ask… I saw a sticker on the cover saying it’s becoming a show?! Please let me know if this is true!!! Thank you and love your stories! — grandmapeaches

It’s my publisher’s decision to put that sticker on all the Shadowhunters books. Especially since the TV people have access to the Infernal Devices characters and history if they want to use them. But no, there is no Infernal Devices show.

Why are you changing the covers to the infernal devices and the mortal instruments? — laylakae

It’s not my decision, or certainly not my decision alone. And there are a lot of reasons behind it:

1) Covers, like everything else, are subject to changing tastes. The covers for CoB and CoA were designed ten years ago: the cut-off heads look dated now, and even digital photography art has advanced.

2) We wanted more “gender neutral” covers. There have always been complaints from boy readers that they can’t carry around copies of City of Bones or Lost Souls. And yeah, there’s a lot to be said about how that’s silly, and the whole idea of this stuff being gendered is problematic, but that won’t help boys who want to read the books now.

3) When these books were designed, there was no concept that Shadowhunters would actually be a five-series monolith spanning time periods and genres. The Infernal Devices look very different from the Mortal Instruments and we’ve always had problems with readers not understanding they were related series. My publisher, bookstores, libraries, and teachers really wanted covers that reflected that all these books tied together. That’s why they all say “A Shadowhunters novel.”

4) I wanted covers with Isabelle and Alec on them.

please please please can we get the new covers in poster form? or at least the spine? I was the first person in my city to by COHF, and you’ve brought out new covers that are so good but I’d really like to be able to own them all, but two copies of each books sounds a lil crazy, you know what I mean? Please please please please I love your books so much! — lets-play-our-game

I certainly am hoping they make posters of the new art and have them to give away in bookstores and at cons!

HI Cassie! As much as I love the new TMI & TID covers. I was wondering will the old covers still be sold? Thank you so much! — ellysssa

The new covers will be the paperbacks. The old covers will remain as hardbacks.

Hi Cassie :) about the new covers…why does it seem like Jace has magic(he has a spark in his fingers)?, and why Simon doesn’t have glasses? Thank you.

I think the magic is meant to be coming off the tarot card, not Jace’s fingers. As for Simon, he didn’t wear glasses anymore by that point in the books, so I think Cliff was trying to be accurate to the story.

Hello, miss Clare I was just wondering, for the redesigned covers of the books (which are amazing and beautiful), is there any special content other than the spine art (which is equally amazing and beautiful)? thank you :D — imadinosauristicharrypotterfan

There are maps of New York and London in TMI and ID. Both TMI and ID contain forwards that I wrote about why I wrote each series, how I got the idea, etc. And there is going to be a special City of Bones edition in hardback with the new cover art, the maps, and an extra of the beginning of the book rewritten from Jace’s point of view. I’ll tell you more about that edition and where you can get it when I know more!


Cassie’s Letter - Part 1

Dear Jeff,

I don’t know if you want to hear some news from me, but it doesn’t matter, i’m sending you this letter. And like this is a girl’s letter, i’m writing to you with some purple ink, hoping that your girlfriend will become Jealous.

I’m actually doing a trip across SimNation, just with my foots, and my special playlist with song like “a horse with no name” . Just after leaving Willow Creek, i went to Sunset Valley and Strangetown, but my journey started to become really interesting just after i arrived in Oasis Springs.

Once there, i met a really nice girl called Mabel. At first, we were a little bit hostile between each other, but i guess that’s how every greatest friendships start because we are now an inseparable blond and explosive duet.

We decided to travel together to granite falls. I am going to tell you what happened to us there in another letter, who will arrive not much time after this one, but i can already tell you that i have met one old friend of us.

Your forbidden love friend. Cassie

 (i have cut this post in 3 parts because there were a lot of screenshots, too much for only one post).

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more covers

Hi Cassie, I was just wondering if in regards to the new covers will the print edition of TftSA will match the old or new covers, and if the Bane chronicles will be reprinted? Thankyou :) x — lanadel-go-away

is the bane chronicles gonna get a new cover? — chillybuilt

Hi Cassie! It’s me again. I just want to ask what is going to happens to the Bane Chronicles. You know that is going to be a new Magnus, and on the book appears the Magnus of the movie. So, they are going to change it? (I like how it is now the book). Thanks! :) P.s : i love your books!!! — camisala01

The cover of Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy matches the old covers. It was designed before the new redesign. It’s beautiful and I really love it.

The Bane Chronicles is not going to get a new cover, since it’s considered something of a companion to Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy. There seems a strange common belief that Godfrey Gao is on the cover of the Bane Chronicles. He isn’t. (My publisher could never have afforded Godfrey!) It is a model — a very cute model who is made up something like Magnus in the film, but it is not and has never been Godfrey Gao.

I feel very awkward even engaging with a discussion that involves thinking two men of color look like the same person. I never realized this was something people thought; I don’t think they look alike, and there is no reason to change the cover so it’s staying the same. I don’t know when it comes out in paperback — and as for Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy, while it is absolutely coming out as a print book, I don’t know when yet!

New Covers for 'The Infernal Devices' Are Unveiled

New Covers for ‘The Infernal Devices’ Are Unveiled

Yesterday fans of Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments were treated to the repackaged covers of books two to six and today it is time to reveal the covers of Cassie’s second Shadowhunter Chronicles series – The Infernal Devices. unveiled the three gorgeous covers which you can see below:

From Russell Gordon, Executive Director of Art, Production, and Design:

The repackaging of…

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I honestly can’t take D’Vorah seriously when she does that sassy neck-roll. Still, Divvy’s probably got more sass in her neck than any kombatant alive. #Respect.

(Also, is it me, or does it look like in the second GIF Divvy’s telling Cassie “Settle down, b****h”?)