Malachi scowled. “I don’t remember the Clave inviting you into the Glass City, Magnus Bane.”
“They didn’t,” Magnus said. “Your wards are down.”
“Really?” The Consul’s voice dripped sarcasm. “I hadn’t noticed.”
Mangus looked concerned. “That’s terrible. Someone should have told you.” He glanced at Luke. “Tell him the wards are down.”
—  Magnus and the Consul, City of Glass
  • Clary:Aren’t they supposed to be hiring someone else to train me full-time anyway?
  • Jace:Yes,and I’m worried that if you get into the habit of making out with your instructors, you’ll wind up making out with him, too.
  • Clary:Don’t be sexist. They could find me a female instructor.
  • Jace:In that case you have my permission to make out with her, as long as I can watch.
So I saw Cassandra Clare at Anderson's YA Lit Con this weekend......

…and her and I got to discussing Magnus Bane and the lack of well-written bisexual characters in YA fiction that actually use the word bisexual to describe themselves.  She shared with me that her newest series Dark Artifices will have not one but two bisexual characters — one a bi guy and one a bi girl!  That is in addition to Magnus still being around.  

She declined to name names but still I’m excited :)   It’s a long wait til September 2015 though….

- Sarah 

You want to go on a date?”
Caught off guard, she stammered. “A wh-what?”
“A date,” Jace repeated. “Often ‘a boring thing you have to memorize in history class,’ but in this case, ‘an offering of an evening of blisteringly white-hot romance with yours truly.’”
“Really?” Clary was not sure what to make of this. “Blisteringly white-hot?”
“It’s me,” said Jace. “Watching me play Scrabble is enough to make most women swoon. Imagine if I actually put in some effort.
—  City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare

conyza-canadensis said:

Is it really good representation if the bi characters are half faerie? And aren't faeries (and warlocks) half demon in Cassandra's books? You can have bi representation but they're all part demon?

You know, this one of those things I go back and forth on.  Kinda like Loki.

I love the idea of bisexual characters as tricksters who come in and fuck things up.  I love it when they challenge expectations and norms and generally get to be smart and sassy.  But often those exact qualities make them untrustworthy.  

I mean, so far with Mark, Helen, and Magnus these characters are all good guys, so I don’t see them as villains.  But I’m racking my brain and I don’t know of any bisexual Shadowhunters… just Alec who is gay and Aline who is a lesbian.  It would be nice to have one to show that characters with angelic heritage can be bi too.  

- Sarah