The Bane Chronicles fanmade cover

Eppure in loro c’era qualcosa che da sempre ricordava a Magnus un’antica leggenda sul filo rosso del fato, un filo invisibile che legava tra loro certe persone e che, per quanto si attorcigliasse, non voleva e non poteva rompersi.
—  Le cronache di Magnus Bane, Cassandra Clare

"Pointless, needless suffering and pain? I don’t suppose it would help if I told you that was the way life is. The good suffer, the evil flourish, and all that is mortal passes away,” Magnus said.

You’re quite wrong, you know. I am the most permanent person you will ever meet.” Said Magnus, his voice breathless with laughter and his eyes stung a little by tears. “It is only that it never makes a difference.
—  Magnus Bane, What really happened in Peru, The Bane Chronicles
I just wondered,” Gabriel said, in a more subdued voice, “if perhaps you have ever had enough.”
“Enough of what?”
“Enough of behaving as you do.”
Will crossed his arms over his chest. His eyes glinted dangerously. “Oh, I can never get enough,” he said. “Which, incidentally, is what your sister said to me when - “
The carriage door flew open. A hand shot out, grabbed Will by the back of the shirt, and hauled him inside. The door banged shut after him, and Thomas, sitting bolt upright, seized reins of the horses. A moment later the carriage had lurched forth into the night, leaving Gabriel staring, infuriated, after it.
—  Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare