Product Review: Cases For Your Gadgets

My blackberry Curve 8520 is practically in shambles, and no it’s definitely not because I don’t take care of my things. Look at it this way, have an African Grey parrot flying around the room you’re staying in, and your phone (which happens to have rubber sides) lying on the bed, and what do you have? DISASTER. Birds like to nibble and bite at stuff so you can only imagine the horrific state my poor Blackberry is in now. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. 

I’ve always needed a case for my blackberry, and so I’ve always settled for the silicone ones you can buy at malls but they always end up losing their shape and becoming lose. The plastic ones are alright but they always have such ugly colors or designs, so instead my Blackberry was naked for months and months. I came across a Facebook page where they sold casings for different kinds of phones. I immediately checked if they had animal print covers available, but sadly there were none for my phone and so I exited the page feeling </3 

It wasn’t until last month when my friend Chrisma messaged me and asked if I was interested in doing a sponsored post and writing a review about her online store Cases For Your Gadgets’s products. It turns out she owned the store I saw a couple of months back and I asked if she had an animal print casing available for me and that I’d gladly do a review. My new casing arrived a few days ago and I absolutely love it! The casing isn’t completely plastic and has a sort of rubbery layer on top for a better grip and to avoid any slippage accidents from happening (for all you clumsy people out there… like me. mehehe). 

Cases For Your Gadgets provide cute and affordable casings for Blackberry, Samsung, iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 3G/3GS, iPod Touch 2nd-4th Gen. and get this, THEY SHIP WORLDWIDE! Aw yiiiee! 

Head on over to their Facebook page and don’t forget to ‘Like’ it!

Gold Rush

I’ve always had that black silicon case for BlackBerry because I first wanted it plain and simple and not at all eyecatching. But then, when these cute iPhone cases were released, I secretly hoped for the best to find the same design for BlackBerry. Unfortunately, iPhone would always have the best and cutest cases and never for BB! :( But thankfully, Chrisma of Cases for your Gadgets sent these gold fireworks case to me! :) Oh joy when I finally got these in my mail! :)

I actually love the gold chrome texture on the side of the case and the white faux leather(?) in the body of the case. I love how the color blends really well, especially if I really had a white BlackBerry phone which would make it look better. Nonetheless, I still love it so much! <3

Here are the other cases my best friend, Lance, bought:

Thank you to Chrisma of Cases for your Gadgets for these!! :)

Took inspiration from how the college kids from Harvard dress up–in the movies at least. No matter how much I try to go for the preppy look, I still end up looking madungis. Haha! But the thing with dressing preppy is–you have to keep it simple (but tailored). Preppy is all about clean lines, crisp shirts, creased pants and not at all flashy.

What I’m wearing: sweater (Forever 21 Men), button down (Levi’s), eyewear (SM Accessories), pants (Topman), envelope bag (Maris Online), loafers (Milanos). Hype this on lookbook here.

Sweater from Forever 21 Men. Ahhh, the classic preppy styling–sweater layered over a button down shirt. Preppy style is all about embracing the classic style. Gave it a more modern look by wearing a printed sweater. 

Envelope case from Maris Online

Dollar iPhone case from Cases for Your Gadgets

Rajo! for Milanos loafers. I call it the “Hugh Hefner” shoes. I don’t know why but I feel like wearing a fancy bathrobe whenever I wear these loafers haha!  

Photos by Hezron Peralta

Cases for your Gadgets

Two of the things I received this December were these new iTouch cases. Thanks to Chrisma of Cases for your Gadgets! Click click! 

I’ve been meaning to give my iTouch a new look and when I received these babies, I was extremely thrilled to put them on. They’re really smooth, thin and seamless. Emphasis on the seamless, like it doesn’t leave your hands that uncomfy feeling on the edges. They’re exactly the kind of cases I look for. They’re interesting, affordable and easy to clean!

Cases for your Gadgets has more designs for you to choose from. You can find a perfect one for your phone and your other gadgets. This white one had these spots at the back. It reminded me of a cow print with its milky color.

I really like white now. Haha

Purple used to be one of my favorite colors. I bought anything and everything purple! But the love for the tones of mulberry has now been passed down to my little sister. I let her have this case for her itouch. You see, they’ve got all kinds of cases for any age! They’re perfect for gifts!

This one’s got that cute button in the center. It’s easy, it fits perfectly, and it gives spunk to your gadgets.

I rarely have an open smile. I was just so happy with my new case. Thank you again Chrisma! Visit Cases for your Gadgets now. 

Thanks to my little sis for taking my photos.


Week 12

(1) Second day of our retreat at Caleruega, Batangas. It’s too early in the morning and I hate the cap I’m wearing.

(2) Koi Pond! One of the highlights of Caleruega. (3) Another must see is the Hanging Bridge which after this photo, I jumped up and down on.

(4) Went to Soderno for the nth time and ordered “the usual” from Mr. Tea. Rock Salt & Cheese Wintermelon Milk Tea for me and Rock Salt & Cheese Matcha Milk Tea for him! Yummyyyyyy!

(5) Lookie at my bling bling! Got a new BB case c/o Cases for your Gadgets! Will make a separate blog post about this next week ;)

(6) Just because my friends were not yet at Makati, went bowling before the party instead. Watching them play was more fun compared to the party. The party was boring :/

(7) Graduation day! Did my own hair and make-up. What do you think?

(8) Wore my sky high Parisian wedges under my toga. Teehee.

(9) Huzzah! Wearing the latest hat trend ;) Happy graduation to me! School is officially OVER! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

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Ballerina at Heart and on my Phone ♥


All of you know (based on my short bio) that I dance Ballet ever since I learned walking. Now, my ballet collection just grew larger because of the things like this and gifts that I had received during my birthday. :“> So here are the pics of the case on my BB already. :)

Just want to share this cute earcap from MARIS! :D


To check out their wide selection of cases for iPhones, BB and other Gadgets, check out their site!


All About Cases

I don’t really travel much so packing is not my expertise. As I was organizing the clothes that I’ll bring to a 5-days and 4-nights vacation, it dawned to me that I also had to bring accessories, and lots of it. 

Good thing I remembered that I have this accessory case from Envy Fashion+Accessories. It was compact so it didn’t take up too much space in my bag. With 6 compartments, I was able to bring the much needed ‘blings’.

Since I’m already talking about cases, let me show you another set of cases. Nope, not for accessories, this time, it’s for my beloved Blackberry. Chrisma of Cases for Your Gadgets was kind enough to send me two of them!

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While I don’t (yet) have an iPhone, one of my most prized possessions would be my 32gig iPod Touch since it’s really useful.


Converting dollars to peso using my iPod while shopping in Hong Kong. Handy!

My iPod looks like an iPhone 3GS! Haha ang galing!

I liked the design so much, I got two!

(Cases courtesy of Cases for your Gadgets. Thank you! ☺ Contact them through their Facebook or Twitter.)

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LoOk what i've got! ♥♥♥

I just received this unique and stylish case for my curve yesterday from CASES FOR YOUR GADGETS been waiting for it for almost a month but its totally worth the wait. As i received it and opened the parcel i was like

ok i fell inlove with it. :)) HAHAH.
I changed my old pink jelly case for this because i got boring with my old case its plain and simple. When i heard about this stylish cases i immediately visited the site and saw this stylish case that i know fits on me and since because i fell inlove with animal prints and i have stuffs like leopard prints! Now my friends asking me where i bought it. Told them to check and visit the Facebook account of Cases for your Gadgets to see if theres a case that can also fit in with them. So if youre looking for a unique and stylish case CASES FOR YOUR GADGETS is the right place for you. ♥

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