He's Welcome?

Today, three other CM’s and I helped a very nervous father find his lost little girl in the store. When we finally found her amongst the Minnie Mouse plush toys, we took them both to the Candy Caseline and handed her a chocolate covered marshmallow to make her feel better.

As we stood almost in a semi-circle, dad hugged/patted on the shoulder of each of my fellow CM’s while expressing how grateful he was. Except for me. He patted my belly, looked down at it and said thank you, then walked away.

anonymous said:

You don't write that many work stories anymore, how come?

Well, to be honest. I’m too pregnant and too miserable and, as much as I still love work, it is absolute physical torture and I spend my entire 8 hours there focusing on trying to function normally, instead of passing out, binge eating everything in the Candy Caseline and crying uncontrollably due to pain and disgust over myself.