I’ve finally done it. I have given 紅芋もち(Beniimo Mochi), my female cast a makeover. Her previous look was the picture with light purple hair, and all of the others are her new looks in various outfits.

I made her taller and a bit more mature-looking, about teenager age rather than a loli, but wanted to keep the bust fairly small so she would still look cute in the youthful outfits and not have to worry about the terrible jiggle physics. I quite like how she can easily switch between girlish and tomboyish looks. Overall, she feels a lot more “me”, I guess…

I have been digging the tomboyish look that the jersey gives, as well as the new cast parts I got. Casts may have cheaper voices, but their parts can be expensive… but it is fun to mix-and-match. xD

inkorstardust asked:

the french mistake: the winchestotters are sucked into an alternate reality where they find out that their lives are a tv show and they are voiced by weirdo humans and have to walk around on land like people as they try to figure out how to get back home


Misha trying to get about like a seal and J2 being like “get the fuck up people are staring”