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How I voice Karkat Vantas. You can apply this tutorial to any character voice with this generalized summary:

How to do a character voice:

  1. Change every single facet of your speech.

I did a comic dub video which isn’t something i ever do ever!

Crabmom by rina-chan
Everyone else by case

Comic by Tang 

The Karkat and Vriska Conversation from A5A1, Read by Case and Rina-Chan.

An oldie but a goodie, I kinda like the earlier logs where the trolls just kind of go one-to-one with other trolls and tries getting under each others’ skin. Especially the ones involving either of my two favorite trolls. So, when Rina and I started talking this was one of the first logs that came to mind.

I’m still in shock Rina-Chan of all people actually wanted to work with me. If you somehow don’t know who she is, check out her site or her tumblr. She’s been in stuff I’ve loved for years. Like… wow.

Karkat | Vriska


Villains, Vocal Chains, and Various others.

A lot of times when I’m messing around in logic i come up with voices that I’ll use to shape some effect chains around. From voice effects to modeling spaces and stuff…

I don’t really have much at all to do with them, and I’d just spent a day recording a bunch of stuff with the same 1 or two voices, so I figured I should just do a short video showing some things off, doing some stuff I don’t get to do often.

Some of these are in my character demo, which is over here.

Bad Day 4 VA
  • Bad Day 4 VA
  • Case
  • Voic Actign

A Bad Day for VA - An example.

One time, recently, I was asked by someone who I owed lines why I was taking the time to edit them down. The simple answer was “i get rid of the fuckups.”

The long answer is this. An example of what I cut out.

Some days I am not feeling well. The button to record is in a different room than my vocal booth. I talk to myself a shit ton while recording, and get mad at absolutely everything. I think a lot about the flow of lines and change wording sometimes. 

And this is what happens. 

(Art cropped from this hottore i know named jay)


I’m gonna bring this back just because someone mentioned it.

my friend animated a thing i recorded a while ago into a typography and it was my birthday present last year.

+ a line from denten at the end

[A6I5] Come in, Dave

Have another little midnight snack of an audiopost to tie you over.

I recorded this for the full thing but couldn’t figure out how to transition, and felt the Karkat/Dave conversation worked better by itself.

There’s another collab post I’m waiting until tomorrow to upload because I didn’t want it to be drowned out by the log I just posted earlier. 

But yeah, Enjoy I guess.


Karkat is not kid friendly

voice acting repost 3