I ordered this case from a Chinese retailer on eBay for Smash Bros and I’m really excited for it! There’s a good chance it’s a knockoff of a legit Japanese product, so I’ll review it to let y’all know if it’s up to snuff or not. It features nice hand grips with large triggers, a stylus holder, and a game card safety locking mechanism. It looks a little more practical than my current one.

So this summer I shattered my phone… My beautiful baby, broken and un-usable. Needles to say, it was time to invest in a good case. 

I decided to go with the known brand “otterbox” however I didn’t want just another boring case that everyone hand. I stumbled across a company called Joe Boxx. I got this adorable dandelion case and i’ve been getting tons of complements on it! The shipping was fast, quality was good and there are tons of designs!

I’d definitely check it out and protect your phone, I know you’re thinking “Oh i’ve dropped my phone, it doesn’t break….” That’s what I thought until it happened to me </3 - Which case is your favourite? If I where to get another case which one should I get? Let me know guys!



I took some suggestions from Reddit and came up with these patterns.
1. Ankha the cat
2. Beau the deer
3. Our lovely secretary Isabelle
4. Lucky the mummy dog
5. The 3 Octopus villagers - Zucker, Marina, and Octavian

All artwork is done be me and professionally printed on to polyester fabric. Small size pouches can fit your 3ds and large size pouches can fit your 3DS XL (or whatever you want to fit!)

You can find these (and more! I have 3 others include Julian, Merengue, and Stitches. I have Pokemon ones too.) in my Etsy shop.
(Don’t forget my free shipping and discount shipping coupons.)