More cardigans! Number 11 for 13 Sweaters in 2013.


  • Seamless as far as possible — knit body in one piece (eliminating 2 sts at each side) up to armholes, sleeves in the round two at a time up to sleeve cap shaping
  • Short-row shaping for shoulder slants instead of binding off, then three-needle bind-off
  • Added about 5 cm to the length of the body, waist shaping
  • Kitchener’d the top of the hood instead of 3-needle BO
  • Picked up sts for front bands all the way around (e.g., what the pattern says for the larger sizes) with 3:4 ratio, multiple of 4+2
  • Six button holes, each 4 sts wide

The hood is a little pointy at the top and the body could’ve had even more length added to it, but otherwise I’m very much loving it. CPH was in my queue for ages and I’m glad it finally got knit up!



I love this pattern, I really do. It’s so pretty and I absolutely adore those crossed lines. But the Rippenschal is fighting me every inch of the way as you can see from these pictures. I’ve made mistakes in nearly every repeat and it shows! 

So, it’s going to be frogged and then I’ll be thinking whether to try again or if I’m going to use the scrumptious Cascade yarn for something else… 

Is there really a difference?!

Is there really a difference between DK and Worsted weight wool?

I am knitting with Cascade 220 for the first time after reading rave reviews about it (I have to say I LOVE it!) and whilst looking at it realised that is it exactly the same weight as most of my DK weight yarns.

Ravelry says that DK is 8 wpi and Worsted is 10 wpi…hmmm.

What do you think? 

Knitting: Boundless Cape is Finished!

See the full gallery on Posterous It turned into a rainy afternoon, all the better for hunkering down and doing some knitting. I manged to finish up the cape and decided to steam block it. The only modification I made to the cape was to increase the length. It is surprisingly warm and the hood is fabulous. The cable pattern was challenging enough to hold my interest, but also easy to somewhat memorize. I bought five skeins of Cascase 200 for this pattern and ended up only using four. This was a fun project!


(My anxiety is awful right now. I just want a million hugs and cuddles and will happily arrange a direct deposit when I am able to reimburse for them. But in the meantime, yarn is almost like a hug.)