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Cas’ Savior (pt. 1)

A/N: Sooo I’m actually really excited about this one. It’ll have multiple parts, just so y’all are aware. Some of the stuff might be inaccurate, but I’m drawing little things off of stuff I’ve heard in other imagines/fanfictions. 

Prompt: “There was an angel caught in the power lines.”

Pairing: Cas x Reader

You woke up unusually early that morning. You had heard a loud screeching noise, and it had startled you from whatever mindless dream you were having. Sitting upright and looking around your room frantically, you saw nothing out of place. The lamp you had accidentally left on from reading before going to sleep was flickering, which seemed odd. That never happened… Unless a bird was stuck in the power lines. 

Sighing, you got up and opened the curtains, only to let out an inhuman shriek. There was a man in the power lines. “Angel actually. I am an angel of the Lord.” The man on the power lines said, loud enough for you to hear. You blinked in surprise and opened your window, leaning your head and shoulders out. “How did you do that? You like, read my mind?” You asked suspiciously, knowing you sounded a bit crazy. The man shrugged. “Angel of the Lord, as I told you.” He said simply. as if that explained it. You nodded slowly, not believing but not wanting to argue with the crazy guy with pretty blue eyes. “Alright Mr. Angel. Well, do you need help getting down from there?” You asked. He shook his head, then cocked it as if he was listening to something. After a pause, he looked confused and a bit disappointed. “It seems that I will require your assistance.” He stated, looking straight at you. 

You felt a bit flustered by his direct gaze, but assessed the situation and nodded. “Be right there angel dude.” You told the man, then went to the garage, grabbing the super-long ladder your dad had insisted would be necessary some day. You chuckled at the memory as you walked out and set it up by the man. You climbed up the ladder to the very top, ignoring your fear of heights, and gasped at what you saw. The man was suspended in the air, his arms handing at his sides. What really took your breath away though was… His wings. They were a glossy black, and absolutely beautiful. “You.. You have wings!” You exclaimed, looking at the man - no, angel- with wide eyes. He looked confused, but nodded slowly. “Yes, they come with being an angel. Though I am surprised you can see them. It takes a.. Special.. person to see them. My name is Castiel.” He said, watching you carefully. “(Y/N).. It’s nice to meet you Castiel.” You smiled and bit your lip as the sound of his name sent shivers down your spine.

 Castiel smiled at you as well. “(Y/N). Beautiful.” He said softly, though you heard him. You blushed and sighed. “We need to get you down without shutting off everyone’s power or hurting you. You’ll have to wiggle your wings a bit, but be careful. Don’t wiggle too much or you’ll hurt yourself.” You explained. He nodded, looking serious, and began carefully shaking his wings. They slowly slipped from between the power lines, but you held your breath, terrified for the gorgeous angel. “Will you… Will you be able to fly or whatever, once you’re out, so you don’t fall to the ground and hurt yourself?” You asked, suddenly feeling worried and unsure. Castiel chuckled and nodded. “I believe so. I do not know why I would not be able to.” You blushed, feeling foolish, and shut your mouth, staying quiet and just observing.

Eventually Castiel freed himself and fluttered gracefully down to the ground. No longer focused on helping, you realized how far from the ground you really were. You whimpered and gulped nervously. Castiel looked up at you, confusion again covering his features. “(Y/N)? Are you not returning to the ground?” He called up to you. You nodded your head slowly and took a deep breath, then began climbing down, clinging to the rungs on the ladder. As you got closer to the bottom, your foot slipped and you fell backwards. Your life flashed before your eyes and you waited for impact with the ground. The only impact, however, was your body with a set of arms.

 You opened your eyes- you hadn’t even realized you shut them- and saw Castiel looking worriedly down at you. “You really should be more careful (Y/N). While I could have easily healed you after that fall, it would be highly inconvenient for both of us.” You huffed and wiggled out of his strong, comfortable arms, taking a few steps back and straightening your clothes. “Well sorry for almost inconveniencing you Cas.” You said snarkily, turning and heading back towards your house, only to turn back around and grab the over-sized ladder of death. 

You risked a look at Castiel and your heart constricted. He looked like a lost puppy. You paused and sighed. “Castiel, I’m sorry. I have to go back to bed, and I’m sure you have people to save, demons to fight, something better than just standing here.” You said softly, trying not to feel sad, but knowing you’d never see the blue-eyed angel again. Castiel frowned and took a step toward you. “(Y/N), I want to thank you for helping me out of those infernal devices. However, you are correct. I have other people I must attend to.” He looked uncertain for a second, then nodded. You felt your heart breaking in your chest, and you felt foolish honestly, but you couldn’t help it. This heavenly being had stolen your heart the moment you heard his voice. 

You bit your lip and nodded. “G-good bye Castiel.” You said stiffly, cursing yourself for even stuttering a little bit. Castiel sighed and looked away from you, not wanting to see the anguish on your face. “Good bye (Y/N).” He said quietly. 

In the blink of an eye, he was gone, and you walked back to your house slowly, feeling like a piece of your heart was missing.

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Hello! I'm asking you this because you're a season 7 appreciation blog ;) In 7x17, when dean and cas get back to sam, lucifer is reading the three little pigs and says something about the third little pig being smart because he got some bricks. Do you think this relates to team free will somehow? I thought it might because there's 3 pigs and 3 members of tfw, but I can't come up with anything. So I was wondering if you had any ideas on it. Thanks!

Oh wow okay, Hallucifer questions out of the blue on a Tuesday night. You can do this Lizzy. *nope completely distracted just watching the episode for fun oh god I just can’t skip past DeanCas interaction this happens in the last 3 minutes of the episode whyyyy*

I think it could be a pretty interesting metaphor to apply to them because it is the first time TFW is all in a room for a long time, so the obvious logical leap just to do that in the first place is right there… It does make you wonder who would be each pig.

Also I mean I’m just saying Sam has a personal connection to this story already… 

Like Hallucifer needed to remind him of more of his own failings. ;)

Since Hallucifer is a projection of Sam’s own internal distress, the first POV to consider would be that - I think just from other stuff Hallucifer says you could get an idea that he’s implying Sam is the silly pig who made his house all of straw:

None of this is real.

And yet… you know what really sucks? [Tosses another firecracker] It doesn’t really matter. [Turns off the music] Because I won. Your madness won. I mean, look at you. It’s hard to believe you were the guy that saved the world once.

He’s huffing and puffing (won’t shut up) and is delighted to have blown Sam down.

Cas could be the pig with the house of sticks - he takes on the hell visions and Lucifer knocks him down too, but it was a sturdier structure to begin with so took a bit more huffing and puffing but in the end he’s just as incapacitated.

At the beginning of the season Dean makes himself Sam’s rock in that distressing shooting-at-thin-air scene (and I swear at some point past season 7 I could have sworn I saw Sam pressing that hand that was cut as a reassurance of what reality he’s in. Maybe just making that up or putting too much meaning on generic fist-clenching which didn’t have that intent. I dunno. :P) Anyway Dean did that for Sam and then ran off and brought Cas back to save him so you could read it that way.

You could ALSO say Cas is the one with the house of bricks since he is the cure that was missing the whole time (and I really dig the friendship development between him and Sam (end of season 10 pending) and this is the foundation of it, which is fitting imagery for talking about building a solid house :P) and so it’s a comment on who has just arrived in the room finally being some stability - their third wheel just showed up!

That does of course make Dean the one with the house of sticks, who tried hard all season to keep his brother propped up, but then by this point he’s completely helpless to do anything for him (this is the season with no dumb deals or anything - Cas’s reappearance removes the need for *Winchester* self-sacrifice at least) and so his ability to help has finally crumbled and he’s as lost as Sam is in this episode without Cas’s assistance.


You could have a more general reading outside of Sam’s perspective just looking at what’s going on: the same deal for the last paragraph I wrote about Dean as that’s a more general view too unless it was suggested to Sam by Hallucifer or something since he wouldn’t think that himself. 

Anyway then we can make Sam the piggy with the house made of bricks. This episode is a love song to how strong Sam can be and how he holds out against adversity - he is dying and it’s finally getting to him, yes, but this is the culmination of his 7 year long Lucifer-related arc, and whatever he did along the way, he made it that far, which is amazing, and even as he’s dying he still does that random ghost hunt. You can take Hallucifer’s mocking him about dying for saving the world as just Sam’s thoughts attacking his self-worth and devaluing what he has done, but if it was his character at stake, he’s still solid until the end.

That makes Cas the house of straw which was blown away, and is a larger commentary on HIS entire arc that led him to this point, and in fitting with both showing up with no memories, his thoughts about himself after he gets his memory back, as well as a grim way of looking at how badly the opening of season 7 in general went for him (I mean I personally defend Cas for the whole season 6 thing since what else could he do BUT the narrative around these seasons in particular wasn’t so kind to him, so…)

I dunno! It’s interesting. Thanks for dropping by with this. :D *wanders off giggling about Sam’s artistic ability actually convinced there’s no metaphoric meaning at all to this reference and it was just a dig about that from Hallucifer*

Cas’ Savior (pt 2)

A/N: Yay! Finally got part two written. I think it’s fairly decent. Although I’d appreciate some feedback so I know whether to keep writing part 3 or nix this and do something else (maybe send requests?). Thanks!

Prompt: “There was an angel caught in the power lines” (continued)

Pairing: Cas x Reader, Sam/Dean show up

       A year had passed since you had met Castiel, but you would be lying if you said you didn’t think of him every day. His piercing blue eyes haunted you whenever you closed your own. You had taken to praying to God, now that you knew angels existed, and in every prayer you always asked God to keep Castiel safe and happy. It pained you to think that Castiel was happy without you, but you also accepted it was a probable fact, seeing as he had other people he was supposed to be with.
        You sat on your couch, your feet curled up underneath your body with a notebook on your lap, the blank pages glaring up at you. As you put your pencil to paper, you let your mind wander, writing about anything your subconscious pushed into your consciousness.
         Half a page and a few minutes later, your doorbell rang, so you stood up and answered it, opening the door slowly. Two dashing men in suits stood at your door. “Are you (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N)?” The taller one asked, and you nodded slowly. “Yes, that’s me. What can I do for you?” You responded, glancing at the shorter one, who was totally checking you out. You rolled your eyes and turned your attention back to the taller one, who shot his partner what could only be described as a “bitch-face”, then pulled out an FBI badge. “We’re investigating the recent disappearances of local women, and we thought it best to check in with the women that are still here, to see if they had noticed anything, ah, unusual lately?” He prompted, looking concerned.
      You bit your lip and thought back to the beginning of the week, then shook your head. “No sir. Nothing unusual lately, aside from the disappearances. I’ll be honest, they have me pretty freaked, but I feel safer knowing you guys are out there keeping us safe.” You sent a warm smile to the taller agent and he smiled back, nodding. “Of course miss. We’ll be sending another agent by in a while to check in. And-” The shorter man jumped in, green eyes serious, “Just because we’re here on the job doesn’t mean you can be reckless. Still be careful when you go out. Don’t be stupid.” He warned gruffly.
        You blinked, startled, but nodded. “O-of course sir. I wasn’t saying I would be stupid. I know how to take care of myself.” You said, your anger slowly building. First this guy was checking you out, and now suddenly he treats you like a child? You paused your thoughts and took a deep breath. “Thank you, both of you, for checking in and keeping us safe. Now, if that’s all…?” You prompted, glaring at the moody agent. “The lady is right Sammy. We’ll send the other guy over to check on her later.” Moody said, then turned to you, opening his mouth to say something else. Sammy spoke up quickly, “Sorry for inconveniencing you miss. Thank you for your time.” You smiled and shook your head. “Not an inconvenience, meeting you. Goodbye gentlemen.” You say softly, shutting the door.
      You put your back against the door and sigh. Walking slowly back to the couch, you sunk into its comfy familiarity and grabbed your notebook, reading over what you had written.

“His wings were so pretty. What would it feel like to touch him? Does he think of me, remember me? His eyes, so vibrant blue. No man can compare. But of course, he’s an angel. How could any man compare? I barely know him, but still love him after all this time. Castiel. Even his name makes me shiver to this day. How sappy is that?”

      You gasped at what you wrote, tears forming in your eyes. You know it’s true, all of it. Though… Your thoughts flashed to Sam and you smiled a bit in spite of yourself. Sure, he’s no Castiel, angel of the Lord, but he was a hunky man, and his shaggy hair was oddly attractive.. You sighed and shook your head, trying to clear your mind. “Stupid men… Walking in and out of my life in under a half hour.. Stupid me for feeling attracted to guys like that.” you grumbled, tossing your notebook onto the coffee table and walking into the kitchen, grabbing a mug from the cupboard and putting water on the stove. You set about making yourself dinner and your mind soon lost itself in the intricacies of the recipe. 

      Just as you began putting your food on your plate, your doorbell rang. Sighing, you sat your plate on the counter and walked to your door, opening it without looking. You gasped softly when you saw who stood outside. Your mind went blank and all you could do was stare. He blinks, mild surprise and then joy covering his face. “(Y/N)? Is that really you?” He smiled widely and stepped toward you, reaching for you. You took a step back and gulped at the hurt on his features. “C-Castiel? W-what are you doing here?” You stuttered, wrapping your arms around yourself to keep from reaching out for the angel. “I… I am helping Sam and Dean…” He trailed off, frowning. 

      Your eyes go wide with understanding. “You mean those two FBI agents from earlier? You know them? What a small world.” You forced a chuckle and grimaced at how fake it sounded. “They are not truly agents. They are hunters. And the world is not small (Y/N). It is in fact quite large.” Castiel stated. You groaned. “Hunters? Like, birds and deer hunters?” You asked, dread growing. Confusion crossed Castiel’s face, but then he shook his head. “No. Sam and Dean hunt evil, supernatural thinks.” Castiel explained. Your brows furrowed in confusion and Castiel chuckled. “Angels are not the only supernatural beings to walk the earth, my sweet (Y/N). There are many, many sinister things out there. The stories and ancient lore are true. I assist Sam and Dean in eradicating that evil.” He said, smiling at you.

      He took a tentative step towards you, smiling even wider when you said nothing. You stood there, trying to process what he had just said. “(Y/N)? Are you alright?” He asked, his concern evident, and he reached out, placing his hand on your cheek. The sensation of his touch, the warmth, brought you out of your thoughts and you nodded, absorbing his touch for a second before pulling away. “I’m fine Castiel. I just needed a minute to process that there’s a bunch of creepy, scary things that actually exist.” You said quietly. Castiel bit his lip and sighed, still looking worried.

         “Would you like to come in?” You asked him, suddenly remembering your manners. Castiel nodded hesitantly. “If it is alright with you. I would not want to intrude or make you uncomfortable.” He said carefully. You rolled your eyes and shook your head. “I’m inviting you in Cas. It’s alright.” You said softly. Castiel’s smile widened and your heartbeat picked up speed, but then he frowned and tilted his head, freezing for a moment, and your heart sunk. After a few seconds, he let out a low growl and looked at you mournfully. “(Y/N)… I must go. Sam and Dean require my assistance. I… I wish I was not leaving this way yet again. I will return to you as soon as I make certain the boys will not die tonight. I want to spend more time with you.” 

      You bit your lip and nodded. “I get it Cas. No worries.” You said stiffly, trying not to feel too disappointed. Really, what did you expect? Castiel frowned and reached out, stroking your cheek. You jerked away from his touch and hurt flashed across his face before he blinked away, leaving you alone to crumble to the floor in a pile of pain.

How SPN writers should stop mistreating Castiel as a character!

Here are what we know canonically about Cas:

He is a warrior
He is ancient
He can be intimidating at times (or most of the time)
He has seen and witness many things since the dawn of time
He has vast understanding of earthly and unearthly knowledge
He has great power and possibly can bring back the dead (as he did with Dean, and Gadreel brought human Cas back to life before so it means angels possess the power to)
He is smart, capable of leading an army, deceiving enemy (when he took the angel Leo’s(?) Grace and saved himself from captivity), and coercing with demon (namely Crowley) and go great distance for a cause he believes in

What the writers had Cas do in the last episode:

Appear to be not doing anything of importance
Babysitting two grown women
Bring them snacks
Don’t know how to to take charge and get things done
Got scared off because two mortal women were arguing
Let a mortal woman slip out under his watch
Not knowing how to lie to Dean (well, Dean is his soft spot, but still….)
Not helping with decoding the Book of the Damn or even attempt to, even though all of his ancient knowledge and resources he has as an angel would probably be helpful
Not bringing Charlie back to life

Now I understand if the writers really utilize the power of the all powerful angel Castiel to its full potential and corporate it into the plot, everything would have been solved in a couple episodes and we won’t have a show. But on the other hand, you can’t develop such an awesome character and have him be out of character most of the time.

I mean what the hell! I want to see my badass, impatient and cocky angel back in action. Human emotions and his love and understanding for humanity now shouldn’t make him weak, it should make him stronger. And all I see so far is him fading away as a background that don’t even need to be there anymore.

Again, what the hell SPN writers!!!