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onedayyoujustchange asked:

Let's make it fun again! Why do you ship caryl?

There are so many reasons why I ship that it’s easier to say why I don’t ship.

I don’t ship Caryl only because of their appearances
I don’t ship Caryl because I believe they can “fix” each other
I don’t ship Caryl only because I want them to have sex (even though, at some point, I do want them to)
I don’t ship Caryl just because

I ship Caryl because imo it feels organic, it feels like a natural evolution of their relationship, that has been full of love and understanding for a long time. It’s unusual, original, unique and beautiful. In case of doubt… 

(gifs are not mine) (and thank you, onedayyoujustchange, for the ask :)

Just realized..

That I won’t… can’t ever stop talking about this because..

if I never get anything more..

than this..

I will still be …

a happy shipper…

because this was..


I mean t hat… It was more than I ever expected.  Just all around beautiful. It started the season for us and gave us something. A confirmation of love even it it didn’t confirm romance. It didn’t have to.  It justified my ship (not to me because I felt no  need to justify it, it spoke for itself) but to those who questioned it veracity, it’s reality, it showed them. It’s reason they deny it so badly even now. 

Because their arguement became invalid the minute he ran into her arms and engulfed in the most amazingly awesome bear hug ever, it was clear how they felt for each other. And every denial vehement denial just reinforces its power for me. 

It became invalid because Norman chose to play it EXACTLY this way.. showing a hug intiated by by a touch allergic man like that. Squeezing her tight for a good solid minute and then crying on her shoulder. It was beautiful to watch. I can never get enough of it. 

And it showed that this was love. The definative proof (not that I needed any)  but it is. No matter what anyone says. I will believe it forever.  Haters be damned. 

So if this is all I ever get, I will happy with it.. because its love and that’s all I need to know..

Although a kiss would be nice too.. just saying… ;) 

But for now.. this will do :) 

Caryl on everyone… and good night :) 

Terminus Reunion. I just thought it was a, it was a brilliant moment and it was just beautifully played between the two of them…it was just.
You got everything in that, in that…the walk towards each other, I just though it was beautiful!
—  March 29, 2015 - Lennie James (Morgan) on HIS Favourite CARYL Moment - CARYL Terminus Reunion

Because there are assholes about I’m gonna be the happiest, most positive annoying little Caryler ever.  It’s time to fill up the tag with the CARYL HUG again. 

Anyone want to see this beautiful example of true, unconditional love again?  Just say yes and I’ll do it.. cause I can never stop talking about it. I don’t hear any objections? 

Okay then…

You asked for it…

His face looks like the face of a puppy whose master has been gone for 3 weeks..  He could not have looked more surprised.. more ridiculously happy than if he was a kid and saw Santa Claus in his living room. Or a unicorn. Galloping across a field of flowers with a rainbow trailing behind it..


Nearly tackling the woman to ground in his PURE JOY to see her again. Remember when some people said that would NEVER happen. Well it did. And it remains to this day, Daryl’s ONLY run and hug. 

And here’s the lifting, twirling, thrusting mess of a beautiful hug.. complete with a lady leg lift and  a hair stroke and heavy breathing. And this lasted for a FULL minute folks. Tell me again how she’s no more important than anyone else. I’d love to hear it. But I can’t over my flailing of this AWESOMENESS. 

I men dosen’t that make so happy, I mean looking how tight he’s hugging her. And she’s LOVING it. 

And lets take a good look at each others lovely lips, because they so want to kiss to each other but.. ahem there are other people here… and they’d be like ‘get a damn room will ya?’ 

And he he starts blubbering like a happy lovesick little puppy and nuzzles her shoulder in the most inttimate way possible. Yup just a friend or family member.I mean my brother and my male friends do this all the time..  *sarcasm alert*  

And holy effin hell I think Sanja was right there is a forhead touch but the cameraman appartently thought we wanted to see Rick in full cock-block mode  rather than Carol and Daryl’s faces mere inches apart. So.. so close…  DAMN YOU CAMERAMAN. 

And lets get a look again.. (because I can’t get enough of this) at the full close up of Daryl’s ‘stupidly in love’ face with that lovely intake of breath as they stare into  each other’s eyes.

On repeat.. I could watch this for hours on end… and sometimes maybe I do…

Ladies and gents… I rest my case.. these two dorks are in stupidly in love. and I will never stop shipping the hell out of it..NEVER

So there you are folks another happy, shippy, sickeningly positive look at the hug to end all  hugs. Hope ya’ll enjoy and feel free to scatter it through the tags and annoy  as many people as possible.  You have my complete permission :D

Daryl Dixons Firsts

Carol was the first person… 

Daryl Dixon tried to comfort… 


Carol’s tears were the first… 

Daryl Dixon couldn’t stand to hear… 


Carol was the first person… 

Daryl Dixon gave a gift to…. 


Carol was the first person… 

Daryl Dixon genuinely and softly smiled for… 


Carol was the first and only person… 

to kiss Daryl Dixon….once… 

And a second time… 


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"Once a man has won a woman’s love, the love is his forever. He can only lose the woman."
-Robert Brault
A friendly reminder..

that Daryl ran and hugged Carol like this in front of Bob and everyone…

and then cried on her shoulder like this…

Something I will never forget and tore my heart out when I saw it. I mean the hug was amazing but that… I died right there..

His tears were tears of joy at seeing her again…Yes  he did do this we didn’t imagine this at all. Carol remains the ONLY person he’s done this with EVER.  The only one he willingly hugged on his volition. And the only one who saw that face looking her with THAT raw vulnerability. Saw Daryl’s wounded puppy ‘omg I love you so much don’t ever leave me again’ face. And this face right here..

I’ve said it so many times if thtat’s not a ‘stupidly in love’ look I don’t know what is.

Even my friends who don’t ship can see how much he loves her. It’s so plainly obvious. The bond is unmistakable to everyone. Even to those who don’t want to see it. It was played onscreen for everyone to see. 

Whenever I have a smidgen of doubt whatsover all I have to do is look at these lovely gifs and my beautiful hope is restored in a heartbeat. Its why I will never stop talking about it ever…ever..

You can’t stawp me so don’t even try :) 

It’s all I got tonight peeps… i’m exhausted.. Happy Caryling and whatever else makes you happy :)