I finished my first wood carving print series. These were all hand rubbed and I was thinking of maybe doing a little give away where you could get one of these prints signed with a lil note and maybe some other little things ✌️😌 if you guys would be into it?

SWTOR Fic: "The Temple of Nowhere" (I) (Cailean/Talos, Andronikos, Khem Val, Xalek)

Cailean and Talos investigate a Sith complex that is literally made of secrets.

I got this idea by watching a Ghost Adventurers (previously Ghost Hunters) program focusing on the Winchester Mystery House.


"Holy kark, this place is a maze! You sure you know where we’re goin’?"

"That’s the beauty of it, Andronikos. Every corridor has a different color scheme, a different theme. a different architecture. Stairs hewn of marble and carved out of wood. Altars of granite and the most precious black jet. Why, it’s like stepping into another world just by turning the corner!"

"Yeah, but it’d be easy to get lost in this place and never find your way out."

"If you observe carefully, there are signposts woven into the wall design. Only those who know the code can pass through the halls safely. Sergeant Diez was kind enough to highlight those symbols…there and there…so we can find our way."

"Pretty damn ingenious. It’s also an effective security system."

"Exactly. Some of these alcoves and passages end at a blank wall. This particular stairway here—" Talos gestured at a small, narrow one that led upwards and to their right, "—goes right to the ceiling. No one knows why Darth Vinn designed it like that."

"You could park a starship in this place, and still have room for a cantina and maybe a Huttball court in the back."

"It’s approximately two and a half times as large as the main part of Kaas City."

Andronikos whistled. “So this guy started with the oldest part of the Temple…and just kept building and building. Where’d he get the credits and the resources for this?”

"Darth Vinn was the old Minster of Resources in the Sith Council, way before the Council was…um, reorganized." Talos shrugged and kept an eye on his scanner. "He pushed for planetary exploration to fuel the Empire. He was quite popular with the Dromund Kaas social elite. Threw the best parties, from what I understand."

"Yeah, this place could host several hundred of ‘em. Party Central, all day, every day."

"There’s an inside joke within the Reclamations Service that Darth Vinn is the patron of Ancient Sith architecture." Talos chuckled and shook his head. "Of course, he’s also the patron of drunk Sith and hedonistic entertainment."

Andronikos chuckled, a deep laugh. “Sounds like my kinda guy.”

"Apparently, the Emperor found his amusing enough. He left Darth Vinn to his building and his debauchery, as long as Vinn wasn’t a threat."


"He made the mistake of seducing several mistresses who belonged to high officials—including the Chiss representative. Tradition said he was poisoned, stabbed, shot, and fried with lightning. When that didn’t work, every scorned woman he ever angered decided to have a go at him."

"Oh boy."

"About twenty of ‘em…of course the actual number ranges from fifteen to one hundred and fifteen. Imagine being locked in a chamber with them and—"

"Say no more. I can imagine." Andronikos actually shuddered. "Ugh."

Talos nodded and went on, “Vinn left this complex. It’s been vandalized, ransacked and damaged all through the centuries…but most of it is still standing.”

"Wow. He made this place to last. Still doesn’t explain why it’s a mishmash of all sorts of stuff, and why some of these halls lead to nowhere."

"Cailean’s been hard at work translating Darth Vinn’s records. Let’s see if she’s found anything."


Incredibly Carved Pencil Sculptures

Hungarian artist and deviantART user cerkahegyzo carves intricate miniature sculptures from a single lead pencil. The artist says it’s a hobby and form of relaxation for him and that he carves them in his free time. During the day he works as a professional tool-maker in Hungary.

Cerkahegyzo says he started carving after coming across the highly detailed sculptures of artist Dalton Ghetti, previously featured on Curious History, who also uses lead pencils as his preferred medium.



World’s Longest Wooden Sculpture

Chinese artist Zheng Chunhui recently unveiled this exceptionally large and intricately carved wooden sculpture that measures some 40 feet (12.286 meters) long, 10 feet (3.075 meters) high and almost 8 feet (2.401 meters) wide. Four years in the making, the tree carving is based on a famous painting called Along the River During the Qingming Festival, which is a historical holiday reserved to celebrate past ancestors that falls on the 104th day after the winter solstice. The Guinness World Records group arrived in November in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, where the piece is currently on display, to declare it  “the world’s longest wooden sculpture”.

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Trees Burst Through Gallery Walls and Ceilings

Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira’s powerful recycled wood art installations snake through their exhibition spaces like massive living trees that burst out of walls and through ceilings. Oliveira scours the streets of Sao Paulo to gather plywood, which he then separates into layers and combines to create his massive “tridimensionals” sculptures. The stunning mixed media pieces are a combination of sculpture, painting and architecture.

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