A collaboration amongst friends. My buddy gahyo drew Kitty and passed it off to me, so then I drew Rogue and passed it off to some other dope artists. Owen drew Mystique, parkersimmonsyall drew Jubilee, and barryjkelly drew Storm. After I got the line art I slapped some colors on it. Next piece coming soon, we might drop the illest R&B album of 2014 if we don’t draw anything.

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ketchupusername said:

How limited are you about the things you can talk about to the fans when it comes to regular show? I've always wanted to know.

Kinda limited. I can’t talk about story points, which seems to be what everyone wants me to talk about. It’s pretty silly to ask about those things because why one earth would you wanna learn about it by asking someone instead of watching the story itself? That’s the worst way to find out about anything.

I can talk about process however. If someone wants to ask the technical details of how we work or what we were thinking about in a particular episode (that already aired) then I can answer that. I can’t answer on behalf of other storyboard teams though. Sometimes people will ask me about someone else’s episode and what something is supposed to mean, but I don’t know because I’m not them.

The trick question version of that is no good as well. Like the one where it’s actually a spoiler question sandwiched in a non-spoiler question. Like “what were you thinking about while you boarded that section with CJ and Margaret fighting in that fever dream?” You’re not tricking me. I know what you’re trying to get me to actually say by asking me something else somewhat tangentially related. Also I didn’t board that, so all around its a question that doesn’t work for me.

But really, I love questions. I just can’t answer a lot of them or I’ve already answered a bunch that were very similar. I tend to try and answer intriguing questions or questions I think could help a lot of people.

Declaration of the Cartoon Independents! Indeed. 

What a summer for the Channel Frederator Network team. 200 new independently owned and programmed animation channels added to the network, for a September total of 736 (as opposed to 58 channels just a year ago). That’s almost 800 animation producers from across the globe who’ve brought their work to new audiences, and a chance to join a community of like minded filmmakers who can support and cheer each other on. Congratulations to Director of Programming Matt Gielen and the entire CFN team. –Fred
From the postcard back:

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200 new channels
The Channel Frederator Network
The Declaration of Cartoon Independents

September 2014 

736 channels distributed
12 million monthly unique viewers
10.2 million subscribers
67 million monthly viewers
*Source: Channel Frederator/YouTube Analytics

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