Hey! Do you guys like movies from the 80’s where machines become sentient because of a mysterious comet and try to destroy all humans to a soundtrack by AC/DC!? Also, do you like t-shirts!?

Then you should consider purchasing this t-shirt I designed for my pals at Pizza Party Printing!

Also, if you’re a Baltimore local or Baltimore adjacent person you should attend their movie night!

Took a little break from Doom Cannon to do something to bring mean women and mean architecture together, two excellent things. Look up the Best Products buildings sometime, they’re my number one choice for threatening-looking retail stores.

Comics-wise, Daniel and I should hopefully have a sweet little preview of Doom Cannon stuff to post soon; I’d keep your eyes waaay peeled for that, just peel ‘em right into nothing because you’ll never want to blink again, Who-style.

Woo-hoo! Aisha Franz is coming to North America for the launch of Earthling, with stops in Toronto, Montreal, and at Comic Arts Brooklyn. Here is the Facebook event- RSVP and invite yr pals

Can’t wait to get your paws on a copy? Check out a preview here!


Bryan Wilmoth and his seven younger siblings were raised in a strict, religious home. At StoryCorps, Bryan talks with his brother Mike about what it was like to reconnect years after their dad kicked Bryan out for being gay.

On June 28, StoryCorps launched OutLoud, a new initiative dedicated to recording and preserving LGBTQ stories from all across America.