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In Love With Lil'mama (N.M,S.W) Part Five

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“And my choice is…”

The tension in the room could be cut like a knife everyone’s breathe was hitched and I looked over at Sam. His eyes seemed dark and far away, it was strange and unusual for him. I looked up to see Nate looking worriedly at me his whole body stiff. And I was just about to announce my decision when, “Remember in high school when you broke up with your first boyfriend because he cheated on you, and I was so ready to kick his ass.” Sam said in a distant sigh.

I thought back to this time, remembering like it was yesterday how my first ever boyfriend: the bad boy, broke my heart to pieces. I nodded not knowing where he was getting act. “Remember when I said I’ll always be their for you no matter what, and how I’ll always do what’s best for you.” He continued his voice lower then usual. “Yeahhh.” I drug out. Now even Skate was looking at him with confusion.

“I just wanted to see if you’d remember.” Sam lowly mumbled.
I shook off the weird feeling that Sammy’s outburst brought. “Like I said before if you two really care for me you’d be happy for me either way.” I reminded. They both urged me on, ready for me to continue.

“From the moment I first met you I knew you were the one. My choice is Nate.”

I said not taking a breathe. His eyes lit up and a wide smile grew on his face, making my heart flutter. But I got a churning in my stomach when I turned to Sammy. A look in his eyes so dim and dangerous I didn’t know what would happen. Nate ran over to me picking me up off the ground and spun me around in circles while kissing all over my face making me giggle. We forgot for a moment that Sam was there and I quickly patted Skates shoulder to remind him.

We both took a look at him, his expression unreadable and his eyes grim. I instantly grew frightened and stood behind Nate. “Sam? What’s going on?” I whispered terror in my voice by the way Sammy was inching closer and closer to Nate and I. “Y'know I wasn’t lying when I told you no one will never love you like I do Y/N. And it looks like Nate’s in my way.” He slowly said. Sam pulled out a black item out of his back pocket.

I heard Nate gasp, it was a gun!

“Sammy!” I squealed. His hands were shaking and he was sweaty. “Th-This is the o-only w-w-w-way to protect her.” Sammy kept mumbling to himself. “Sammy stop!” I screamed clutching the back of Skates shirt. Nate stood there in shock not knowing what to do or say, his first instant was to cover me so he made me stay behind him. “C'mon bro, it don’t got to be like this.” Skate comforted.

This wasn’t my Sammy at all. His eyes gazed over and dark, his gaze distant and lonely.

“Just let it fucking happen Y/N!”


(Sammy would never do this)

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I understand how people could’ve found what Nash said offensive and I’m not going to say it wasn’t wrong of him. But he apologized twice and an apology is an apology you either take it or suck it up and stfu. He understands what he did wrong and leaving him all this bs hate isn’t going to change what he did he deleted the vine and apologized there’s nothing he can do about it now but if people could just move on and focus on more important things that are going around the world then a 16 year old boy who made a mistake months ago.


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