I called you at 4 am crying

and i asked you why we were alive
and you said
“We’re alive to be happy and to be free. And I’m alive for you.”
i liked that answer

Making a Difference

I’ll never forget,
When I told you how I was scared.
Scared of how we would just be stories,
And that one day,
All of this would be pointless,
If we didn’t make a difference.
And you looked me dead in the eyes,
And said,
“Well we better make a difference, then, shouldn’t we?”

you said you thought it was funny i got so upset when you hurt yourself,
but you didn’t understand why i cared.
i thought for a bit, and then i told you it was because
the thought of anyone hurting you was so horrible to me, even if it was yourself.
you said you appreciated that
because i was the first one who cared.

Agent Carter is everything I aspire to be

Firstly, her makeup is on point

Secondly, she takes nobody’s sexist shit

Thirdly, she wears cute ass clothing and is still awesome

Fourthly, she is so badass everyone fears her

Fifthly, she has a smokin hot boyfriend

All and all Peggy is an amazing feminist who deserves all the love in the world we should all think like Peggy

January 17, 2015

Today In history

Eartha Kit was born on this date January 17, 1927 in South Carolina. Eartha Kitt became popular in Paris as a nightclub singer, then returned to the U.S. to appear in films and on Broadway. Her 1953 recording of “Santa Baby” is still a favorite today. In the 1960s, Kitt had a recurring role as Catwoman on TV’s Batman

(photo: Eartha Kit)

- CARTER Magazine