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140828 Toronto International Film Festival - Cart Trailer (D.O.)


These kind women have their stories buried under the negative perception that society has given them. They are mothers, who work hard for their children. They are friends, who went to school like many others. They feel scared, uncertain and angered when they’re dismissed without a cause. They can and will give their life to fight for their rights and equality when it is lost. They’re not just women. They’re not just temporary cashier clerks you can easily dismiss. They are strong women who deserve the same respect as anyone in any other profession. (Cart, 2014)

u know whats amazing?? usually idols only star in brain-washing tv series and productions funded by their agencies but kyungsoo is actually a cast of a movie that’s not about teenagers or silly love stories but is actually really meaningful and ambitious and this fricking movie is going to be shown during really big movie festivals and??? im really proud of him?!?