Well hello lovely people, i hope your night/morning/day is going well. Anyway it is about 2 days away from 2014!! I have had this blog for just over a year now i think? And I have been blessed to get 1000 followers. So i just want to say thank you to everybody who looked at my blog and followed me. I love you all. Anyways. as 2013 is almost over i have decided to do a follow forever sort of thing!

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And i am pretty sure that is all. If you feel you should be on here message me please, cuz i probably just forgot. And i am sorry if i did forget anyone. I love you all! Xoxo <3

I’ve had this blog for over a year now and I’ve never done a follow forever before so I thought I’d do one just in time for Christmas! Apologies if I’ve forgotten anyone. I love and appreciate every one of my followers. I hope you all have a great Christmas and fabulous New Year! [Please ignore my shitty edit]

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so i’m finally doing one of these because I’m cool like that

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you guys are the bomb dot com and i look forward to seeing your posts everyday on my dash so thank youuuuu 

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1) Favourite band? - UNION J! :D

2) If you could have a pocket-sized celebrity, who would it be and why? - George Shelley, because I think he would be sooo cute with that size :)

3) Something you regret doing? - I think I don’t regret doing something.. I regret NOT doing something :\

4) Theater productions, yay or nay? - YAY! :D

5) Can you speak different languages, if so, which ones? - I speak Portuguese (It’s my main language) and english :)

6) Most listened to song? - I think, rn, it is “You and I” by One Direction

7) Can you play an instrument, which one? - I can’t play any instrument :\ 

8) Hottest character, be it from a film, book, t.v show, etc? - Either between Stefan from The Vampire Diaries or Finnick from The Hunger Games.. I can’t choose :P

9) Favourite t.v show? -  THE VAMPIRE DIARIES! ALL THE WAY! :D

10) If you had to be stuck in a room for 24hrs with anyone, who would it be and why? - hmm.. hard question… maybe Harry Styles, because it would be really awkward but awesome at the same time :P

11) If you could date anyone, no matter what their age, who would it be? - ASHTON IRWIN! :D


1) Hello or goodbye?

2) Favorite song right now?

3) Would you ever date someone older than you?

4) Favorite song of one direction?

5) Favourite pot noodle flavour?

6) Fave James bond movie?

7) Christmas or Birthdays?

8) What do you like do in your free time?

9) Would you rather swim in a volcano or live inside a shark?

10) Do you like lollipops?

11) Pringles or Doritos?