XL Extra Large 42" Black Metal Dog Training Cage Carrier including Luxury Fitted Bedding

XL Extra Large 42″ Black Metal Dog Training Cage Carrier including Luxury Fitted Bedding

* With a door on the end and one on the side, this allows the cage to be used from either direction
* Double Locks – each door has double locking pins, This will prevent any risk of escape
* Carry Handles – each cage has a carrying handle on the top at each end to make moving the cage much easier and less stressful for your pet
* Heavy Duty Wire ensures quality and strength (others…

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USS Oriskany - The “Great Carrier Reef”

Oriskany was laid down on May 1, 1944 and commissioned in September 1950 - a “long-hulled” Essex-class carrier that was updated and modernized while under construction. She had active roles in both the Korean and Vietnam wars, surviving a serious fire in 1966 that killed 44 personnel.

Oriskany was decommissioned in 1976 and sold for scrap in 1995. Repossessed due to lack of progress by the contractor in 1997, it was decided that the ship would be part of an artificial reef project in the Gulf of Mexico near Pensacola, Florida. Oriskany was sunk in 212 feet of water on May 17, 2006, becoming a popular scuba diving destination for divers from around the world.

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Missing friend Samwise already. Come back for another visit please, Samwise!

P.S. We have LOTS more photos of Samwise’s visit! We can’t wait to show you as soon as Mommy has time to upload and organize all of them!