Bustamante Pups!

I am a huge dog lover, so when I was asked to do a doggy photo shoot I could not had been any more excited. Meet the Bustamante’s furry family members! Both babies compete, Zeus in the pulling contest and Xena in the jumping contest. Both gorgeous, gorgeous doggies. So much fun! Ahh I love it!


The Colt’s are Expecting! - 4th Series

Meet the Colts! They are expecting their first baby, Kingston. Having known the pair for a few years now, I felt so honored to be able to document this special time for them. We began the session in their home and later went to the beach to enjoy the sunset and some belly painting! I can’t help but smile when looking at these, you can just feel the love. <3


Juan and Stephanie get Engaged!

I was given the opportunity to take part in an on board helicopter proposal. I got a phone call from Juan who wanted to go on a flight on 9.1.11. He asked my opinion on how to approach the proposal and we came up with a plan. We decided it would be best to pretend the photographer on board was included in all of the tours.

As we were approaching downtown San Diego (where he would be popping the question), Stephanie said, “Babe, are you okay? Your hands are getting sweaty.” Juan covered it up by saying it was just the height. He then said to me, “Kim, can you take a picture of us here”, this was my cue that he was about to pop the question. He then looked at stephanie and said, “Stephanie, last year I gave you this promise ring as a promise. This ring represent the past and now this one is for our future. I love you, will you marry me?”…

She said YES!


Meet the Vargas-Lara Family!

I truly love when I get to work with previous clients again. I especially love when I get to meet the little baby that was brewing in the oven. Last year I got to photograph Judy and we immediately became friends. This year the rest of the fam joined us at the Queen Bean Coffee House in Modesto, CA for a welcome home shoot for beutifal Leilani. Isn’t she just precious with her vintage headband?!

Andrea and Conrado get Married!

Congratulations to Andrea and Conrado! I am so honored to have been apart of this amazing day! You two make such a wonderful couple. My favorite part of this entire experience was watching you two interact. You two have a wonderful story and beautiful love. While looking through the images I couldn’t help but smile. Thank you again for the opportunity and i’ll see you in the New Year!

To see the entire album, click on the image of the adorable couple.


D A L E S S A N D R O . m - Series 2

Meet Michela! She is a local fashion designer based out of San Diego, CA. over the past few months we have collaborated in prepping her line to launch. The images above would not have come together without the hands and minds of:

Alex Moore
Michela D'Allesandro
Lauren Ortiz
Leah Beatrix Malo
Ryan Smith
Mahal Style

Thank you all for collaborating with us and being apart of our growing team!

Bri & Tommy are Expecting!

Congratulations you two! I met Brianna many years ago at my very first job, we got along instantly! Bri was one of my first photography subjects, she posed for me during a retro coca cola themed shoot. Over the years we have kept in touch. It brings me so much joy to see an old friend in such a wonderful place. I am so happy for you Bri and can not wait to meet little Gunner!

Ariyanna is Two Days New!

As some of you may know, my gorgeous sister just had her baby Ariyanna. I rushed up north to meet the little princess and immediately fell in love with her. I could not wait to take her pictures and as you can imagine it was so hard to narrow them down. 

Since we were not expecting her so soon I was unable to bring all the props I wanted to use. Luckily the lovely Judy Lara lent us her Circa 1920’s baby stroller from her Vintage Shop LULU LARA & CO which is filled with A TON of great Vintage finds. I can not wait to collaborate with Judy some more in the future.

Jimmy's First Photoshoot!

Meet Jimmy, he is such a little cutie pie! I have worked with the Gilligan’s in the past photographing their princess Cassie and I am so thrilled to be able to be apart of his First Year! There will be more to come of Jimmy in the next few months. ♥

Meet the Burke Family!

Meet the Burke Family! Carmen and Dave are newlyweds with a little one on the way! Hayley is as cute as can be so I can just imagine how cute Baby Hope is going to be. Congratulations you two!

The Sanchez Wedding

Congratulations to the Erik and Allyson!

I first met the pair while working at helicopter company as a part time photographer. I received a phone call from Erik wanting to arrange a proposal during their helicopter tour around San Diego on 9/11. Erik and I arranged the tour and set up the details, everything down to the code word of when he was going to pop the question. Upon arrival to the tour, Allyson had already found out! We went on the tour anyway and got some great photos of the pair in the sky. 

I was fortunate enough to be apart of their big day as well. The ceremony was so special. Allyson’s father married the couple at their church. They even had a separate ceremony with the boys joining their families together. I am so honored that the pair felt comfortable enough with me to be apart of these precious moments and allowed me to capture them.

I wish you both the very best and lots of love!

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