I’m dying to know, do you like dreaming of things so impossible or only the practical or ever the wild? Or waiting through all your bad bad days just to end them with someone you care about? And do you like making out and long drives and brown eyes?
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I don’t typically post personal pictures on Word Painting (though there are a few you can find in the archives), but this pic was too good not to post. Me and my beautiful wife at Carrabba’s Italian Grill.

  • Can't Be Broken
  • Twin Forks
  • Twin Forks

This band is fronted by Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional. The sound and style is much different from his Dashboard days, but I’m definitely not complaining. I love this new folky, jerky sound that echoes with different riffs and progressions.

I think I’ve listened to it 20 times in the past day alone.

"Can’t Be Broken" - Twin Forks

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The man works at the Carrabba’s Italian Grill near 107th Street and Metcalf Avenue. His mother also works as a hostess and she was very upset by what was written on the back of the check earlier this week after he waited on a couple. 

"Thank you for your service, it was excellent. That being said, we cannot in good conscience tip you, for your homosexual lifestyle is an affront to GOD. Fags do not share in the wealth of GOD, and you will not share in ours," the customer wrote. "We hope you will see the tip your faggot choices made you lose out on, and plan accordingly. It is never too late for GOD’s love, but none shall be spared for fags. May GOD have mercy on you."

Supporters of the waiter, whose story has been spreading on social media, have been pouring into Carrabba’s to dine, and urging more customers to do the same. A campaign is underway to flood the restaurant with support on Friday, according to KCTV.

A local pastor, Marvin Baker, is among those supporting the waiter.

Dr. Marvin Baker and his partner had lunch at the restaurant on Thursday and asked to be seated in the server’s section.

"I was angry. I said this is not Christian as I know it," Baker said. 

Coincidentally enough, the hostess who led them to their seats was the server’s proud mother.

"I said, ‘We are here to meet your celebrity. The one who was mistreated.’ She said, ‘That’s my son. Would you like a table or booth?’ I said, ‘Wherever he’s serving,’" Baker explained.

Also, "Waking Up With Two Gay Marines" (video)

I’ve posted this before, but I don’t particularly care. If you’ve had it before, you’ll understand the craving is strong :)

Carrabba’s Scotty Thompson Appetizer

  • 1 jar of spaghetti sauce
  • 1 sleeve of goat cheese (about 4-6 ounces)
  • 1 loaf of french bread
  • olive oil
  • 2 garlic cloves
slice french bread into single servings brush sides of bread grill until each side has slight char lines rub garlic cloves over each side (this will give a faint garlic taste) In a small serving dish pour heated spaghetti sauce top with sliced goat cheese and serve immediately with bread for dipping