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Metallica - Carpe Diem Baby

Greetings all! This week’s triple M is a bit younger than the last two (and by a bit I mean almost 15 years). I know a lot of fans think Metallica went downhill after the Black Album (some hardcore-er fans say after Justice), but they still had plenty of gems from the Load/ReLoad days, not to mention Death Magnetic being a great recovery album after St. Anger (though I do enjoy the occasional listen-through of it still).I digress.

Carpe Diem Baby is one of my favorites off ReLoad. Though I hate the word swag, this song’s got it. Maybe I’m just really into the whole Blues/Metal fusion thing.

So wash your face away with dirt,

It don’t feel good until it hurts,

So take this world and shake it.

Come squeeze and suck the day,

Come carpe diem baby.


Metallica | Carpe Diem Baby