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i just really liked castiel at the end omG

Like, I liked how he admitted he was wrong and apologized to Dean, and Misha’s acting with the Leviathan bit and everything was great, but I’m not so sure about the actual Leviathan story arc idk 


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and like i heard that cas isnt going to be a regular in some of the episodes, its going to be like so confusing omg if all they do is hunt cas without even having him the episode, plus the plot of sam remembering hell

I heard that too omfg everything is just so fucked


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yeah like if they start having like monster drangon things for dean and sam to kill, might be a tad dramatic

Didn’t they already fight dragons? Idk, man, I just think Season six’s writing was messy because they had like, three plots going and it just didn’t work out. I’m wary of Season seven

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yeah like idk why i'm getting such a mind fuck over it, maybe cause i'm from perth, but like aiwguhbiwgkbsa why
how would they know this city exists
let alone want this random place on there rather than baltimore
haha sorry for ma annoyance, just needed a second opinion x

op you forgot anon. 

idk maybe they googled skylines and found a nice picture. :))))))