Klaroline & Kalijah. Run into each other in the future

Request from shagklaus. Hope you guys love it.

Katherine smiled, giving the guy a push and he fell against the wall outside the bar. She learnt forward.

“Don’t be afraid,” she said, compelling him and she watched as an accepting look covered his face. She smiled sweetly and the blood vessels appeared around her eyes. She looked at him for a moment, a second of compassion slipping into her thoughts before she shrugged. She sunk her teeth into his neck and let the blood run down her throat. She let out a happy groan as the blood soothed her hunger. The hunt was nice but the feed was still the best part. She let out a giggled as a pair of strong hands wrapped around her waist. She lean back into him, the feel of his hands against her, still making her crazy after all these years. She pulled back from the boy, blood dripping down her face. “I thought you weren’t hungry,” she said, cocking her head to the side.

“You eat like a child, Katerina,” Elijah said, ignoring her comment completely as it would involve admitting he couldn’t stand the thought of some human boy touching his Katherine. “Here,” he said, taking a hanky from his suit pocket and holding it out to her. “Clean yourself.”

“No,” she said cockily, pushing the hanky away form her, knowing full well why he had followed her on her hunt. “You need to learn to have a little fun,” she teased, walking her fingers up his chest.

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Klaroline. 4x 17. Drawing the triangle and a kiss

Requested by chelseab95. Hope you guys like it :)

Caroline draw the last line on her triangle.
“Putting it here,” she said, looking up at him.
“Somebody’s been skipping their geometry classes,” Klaus said and Caroline cocked an eye brow at him. He really did always have to be right. It was really annoying. “There are actually two places where the third massacre could be,” he said as she watched him lean forward to draw on the map. He looked up at her proudly and she smiled.
“Well you didn’t let me finish,” she said cockily and the two of them just looked at each other. Klaus taking a moment to realise that she, Caroline Forbes had just flirted with him, open unguilty flirting. He stared at her, thinking if he broke eye contract it would ruin the spell and she would go back to hating him.
“I’m sorry, you can go right ahead next time,” he said and she smiled. Both their hands inched across the map.
“Thank you,” she breathed. The second their hands touching, both of their eyes grew a little wider. Their fingers linked together slowly and Caroline smiled softly.
“We should probably tell Stefan,” Klaus said after a moment, but Caroline just smiled softly.
“Yeah, probably,” she breathed, biting on her bottom lip not moving. Klaus looking at her with a confused look, waiting for her to pull away from him. With her free hand Caroline grabbed the table and effortlessly pushed it aside. Klaus watched her as she stepped into the the spare between them. They looked at each other before Klaus He reached out with his free hand and tucked a hair behind her ear.
“Caroline,” Klaus breathed and Caroline placed her finger over his lip.
“Shh, don’t talk,” she said and took in a deep breath before leaning followed, pressing her lips lightly against his. She only hovered there for a moment before pulling away.
“I,” Klaus started and Caroline just smiled.
“I know but I don’t care, I’m yours,” she said and Klaus stared at her in disbelief. The door opened a second later and hands still linked with Klaus’ she turned to look at Stefan, smiling.

Klaroline- Caroline jealous over Hayley

Request from klarolinewasalwayscanon. Klaroline Smut!!
Hope you guys love it.

Caroline picked up other plastic cup and placed it in a garbage bag. She had cleaned 90% of the house since Stefan had left. She was 10% away from everything looking back to normal, and if everything looked normal maybe it would return to normal. She took a deep breath and picked up another cup. She knew the scent instantly. She had smelt it on Tyler so many times, she had almost started to believe the lie they had been telling Klaus. She turned around expecting to see Hayley standing there and her jaw dropped. Klaus stood in the doorway.
“What the hell,” she whispered as she stared at him. The words slipping from her mouth before she could stop them.
“I’m looking for Stefan,” he said, ignoring her words as just a reaction to his pressures and nothing more.
“Well he isn’t here,” she snapped, dumping the garbage bag on the ground. She inhaled again, hoping she had imaged the smell of Hayley’s sent on him. “He’s off… I don’t even know where. So just bugger off,” Caroline growled, crossing her arms over her chest. Klaus simply stepped into the room. Caroline rolled her eyes, why did he always have to be so cocky?
“You can’t hate me for sending Tyler away,” he said. Caroline scoffed and she gritted her teeth.
“Oh, yes I can,” she growled.

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Insanely cute Klaroline video i found on youtube!! I really love the song, it speaks to their relationship a lot. Have a look guys

Kaçak Gelinler'i her izlediğimde Şebsel (ŞebnemSelim) sayesinde, The Vampire Diaries izleyip Klaroline (CarolineKlaus), Teen Wolf izleyip Stydia (LydiaStiles) bekler gibi hissediyorum. Zaten ben yazarların yazmamakta ne kadar ısrar etmesine rağmen hayranlar tarafından en çok tutulan çift neyse ona denk geliyorum. Bu nasıl bir seçim ironisidir bende bilmiyorum. Tüm yazarlar anlaşıp, konuşuyorlar mı anlamıyorum ki. "Hadi en çok hangi çift tutuluyorsa onları ayırmak için her şeyi yapalım ama seyirciye umut verecek sahneleri eksik etmeyelim! Umut fakirin ekmeğidir." ayağına reyting kasıyorlar.