I’ll Be seeing You Part 2

“Uncle made me wait while he spoke to the nice lady who brings us cookies sometimes,” Maddie said as soon as he walked into his sister’s home completely betraying him.

Klaus’ face looked horror stricken as Rebekah launched herself on him, “You left my daughter alone,” she exclaimed lunging the newspaper at him.

“I’m leaving,” he said barely escaping as he shut the door behind him, “Talk soon,” he called behind him to a still ranting Rebekah.


“Any plans tonight?” her mother asked as Caroline got her bag and was getting ready to leave she winced as she turned looking at Liz.

“No mom, just going to stay in,” she said honestly though omitting one small factor, “Don’t look at me like that,” she said as she hugged Will.

“Caroline, you’re still very young,” her mother started saying as Caroline inwardly rolled her eyes, “There’s no need for you to live your life like you’re me.”

Caroline snorted at that, “I am not,” she rebuffed trying not to sass her mother but it was just so hard to not fall back into old patterns.

Will giggled as she ruffled his hair, “Mommy’s talking to a boy today,” he said totally rating her out, she eyed him with a look that had him pouting.

“Oh really?” her mother asked squatting to meet him at eye level, “Is he’s nice?” she asked will as she looked up at Caroline with an Inquiring eye.

“Okay, I gotta go,” the blonde said waving to her mother as she practically ran for the door, “Be good,” she said to Will one last time.


Can I call you?’ a text came through her phone as she was at an intersection with a deep breath Caroline pressed the speaker.

“Yes” she said switching on her Bluetooth.

She heard her phone go off the light switching to green, “Hi Love,” she smiled at the endearment, “Sorry I –it slipped,” he excused himself.

Caroline waved it off before realizing he couldn’t see, “It’s fine,” she told him, “Klaus?” she asked trepidation seeping from her pores.

“Yes?” he answered in question.

“Hey, I’m sorry, this is so weird,” she told him sincerely, “I dunno what to think,” she explained in so many words unbelieving of her day.

“It’s a little complicated,” he said giving her that much she agreed with a smile, “You named him after your father,” he added as if he’d been thinking on it.

“I did,” she replied looking up, “I can’t believe you remembered that,” she admitted as she reeled internally driving down the road.

It took Klaus a beat but he didn’t disappoint, “I remember everything,” he told her in a soft tone as his memories, feelings, had risen clogging up his throat.

She rubbed her temples steering her car with her elbows, “Look I was going to make ziti for dinner,” she said conversationally as she parked in the lot by the store, “Are you interested?”

She could feel him smirk at the other end her lips quirking involuntarily as his voice boomed through her cars speakers, “I am,” he replied softly making her heart flutter.

She tapped her fingers on the wheel trying desperately to relive the growing tension inside of her at seeing him again, “Would you like me to bring wine?” he asked.

Caroline’s brows shot up at the suggestion, “Yes! That would be great,” she said thinking of the white one he always brought her when they were dating. “Could you get-”

“The white one,” he finished for her and this time she could hear his smile as well as hear his affection for her, “See you then,” Klaus said.

“Bye,” she returned searching for her phone on the passenger seat to hung up before she realized, “Wait, that makes it sound like a date,” she said before hearing the line disconnect.


She barely slipped out of her shoes when she heard his knock, very distinctive two tap knock and felt her body run cold with dread.

With a slight wince she straightened taking a deep breath as she opened the door, “I’m not too early am I?” he asked scratching his brow.

Caroline smiled at the feeling of first date jitters, “No, I just got home too,” she told him hoping to ease his mind while she couldn’t with her own.

She stepped aside letting him in, “I was going to change,” she told him gesturing to her work clothes as she tossed her hair back.

“You look beautiful,” he said his eyes admiring as he took in her button down shirt and tight pencil skirt she somehow managed to get on this morning.

“Thanks, um kitchen is that way,” she told him as she pointed with her finger uncertain about the etiquette in this situation. “I just I need a second.”

Klaus nodded, “I’ll put this to chill,” he said respecting her need for space which she silently thanked him for as she raced to her room shutting the door behind her.

“What am I doing?” she asked herself her hands brushing back her hair, “I’m hiding from the father of my child in my bedroom.”

As Caroline answered herself she caught a look of herself in the mirror, “You’re mad,” she told herself before rushing out of her room toward the kitchen.

She slid realizing she was barefoot when she caught sight of him already boiling the water for her, “Sorry,” he whispered as he caught sight of her.

“No you look good,” she said blushing as Klaus smiled back to her, “I mean you did good,” she reiterated striding towards him.

He shrugged, “I just thought I’d help make dinner,” he said his eyes glowing with memories she wished they would stop so her stomach wouldn’t do that flutter thing.

“Thank you,” she said as she cranked open the can of four cheese, “Did you enjoy the field trip?” she asked hoping to lead with small questions.

“I did,” he replied as he scoured her cabinets until he could the colander, “Art museum,” he simpered Caroline made a noise of agreement.

Klaus waited for the noodles for her to okay him straining the noodles, “It’s his first year,” he said doing the math in his head.

“It is,” Caroline said happy they were talking about Will not the disconcerting feelings forming in her chest, “I balled my eyes out his first day.”

“I wish I had been there,” he told her his words on point, “I wish a lot of things,” his voice had a tone of regret and Caroline knew he had those same feelings forming.

“Hey, this just happened,” she tried to justify, “You were gone by the time I found out we had even made Will,” she smiled, “We were way over by then.”

He watched amused as she waved her hand in emphasis, “I should have called, or written,” he said moving closer to her with each word pouring the noodles into a pan she had set aside.

“I tried calling your parents,” she said as she ate some of the cheese garnish nervously, “I didn’t even know Maddie was Rebekah’s, I swear.”

“I know,” he said his look washing away all worry something that was worrisome on its own she thought vaguely.

“Right, it’s just I’ve kind of been hiding in this bubble I created for me and Will and you just popped it so I think I can freak out a little,” she rambled as they started to add layers of cheese to the pan.

“By all means, I won’t stop you,” he said as their hands brushed, their eyes locking, “I’m working through it myself.”

Caroline dropped her hands at her sides, “Okay, are you seeing anyone?” she asked as she set a hand on the counter needing to know.

Klaus looked stunned at the imposition, “I’m sorry,” he asked though she was certain it wasn’t a question.

She repeated how she said it in her heard and started again, “Just because I need to know for Will’s sake,” she added, “As in will he need to be introduced to someone else, is it serious?”

Klaus stopped layering the cheese too leaning towards her so she could see the honesty in his reply, “There hasn’t been anyone else,” unspoken words hang in the air.

“You?” he asked hoarsely in response she tilts her head, “Are you seeing anyone? Does Will know him?” he asked almost sure she couldn’t be alone.

“No one,” she shook her head surprising him, “Just Will and I,” she laughed nervously, “My mom’s worried I’m tragically single.

She snorts thinking about their earlier talk, “Wow, I can’t stop talking,” she said as she felt him infinitely closer making her more nervous.

“Would you like me to open the wine?” he offered licking the line of his lip afterwards making her body jerk with feeling.

“Yes please,” she answered drawing out her reply as she grabbed for the pan sticking it in the oven to distract herself from the way he was looking at her.

#Everyone talks about Klaus’s smile #which was mindblowing of course #but the smile that really made my heart almost stop was Caroline’s #we always knew Klaus loved her #and i expected the “i am the happiest person in the world” smile from him #but not from Caroline too #when she smiled at him so genuinely #it literally broke me #it wasn’t just hate sex #she wasn’t feeling guilty #she wanted this #she wanted this so much #that after she kissed him #she smiled #she was happy #HAPPY WITH KLAUS #overjoyed that he kissed her back #that they would have sex #that she finally gave in #that smile right here #is why this moment meant something to Care #she cares about him #she likes him #really likes him #she looks at him and she is instantly happy #it’s like they shared a secret with their smiles #damn them #i really can’t with those two #i can’t look at their full of happiness and dirty thoughts faces anymore #Klaroline is endgame bitches #cause Care is in love

Diet Woes

Klaus sat down in a chair by their kitchen wondering what her ‘Hurry home,’ test was about to find a couple of stacks lying around the table.

Caroline appeared a second later kissing his lips as she sat down next to him, “Okay were getting married,” she said her ring sparkling with the sunlight.

Klaus nodded already aware of that fact but knowing the look she was giving him, she was serious about whatever he was about to say, “I need to get on a diet.”

He felt himself groan before he actually did out loud, “Caroline you don’t need a diet,” he tried to interject but she swatted his hand away.

“Yes I do,” she insisted sitting up in her chair, “It says so in all the magazines I read in preparation for this conversation,” she informed him as she slid a stack to him.

“You prepped for this,” he asked already knowing there was no way she hadn’t prepped and planned for every scenario.

“Yes,” she said with a nod of her head, “Because you have to diet too,” Caroline told him as she scooted her chair closer.

Klaus lifts his shirt, “You think?” he asked rhetorically an impish grin forming at the way her mouth goes slack at the sight.

Caroline leers snapping out of it as she squeezes her eyes shut, “Damn it no,” she exclaims losing one battle as she practically climbs the table.

“We don’t need diets,” he insists looking at his beautiful girlfriend who was perfectly fine with her body last weekend by the lake.

“You’re right,” she says and Klaus thinks she’s seen reason already preparing to chuck these wasted trees filled with pictures in the trash, “I do,” she adds.

Caroline looks up pointing to the roof determined, “I have to fit into the dress I’ve had picked since this morning at three am.”

Klaus looks up at the ceiling for a whole different reason, “Caroline,” he grunts wanting more than anything to go back in time about a thousand years when bridal magazines weren’t in existence.

When standards of beauty weren’t as difficult and arbitrary on a woman, “No,” she says drawing him out of his musings, “Three twenty-five.”

Klaus hugs her to him his hands squeezing her hips before sliding down her backside so she has to leave her seat and take his lap.

“You don’t need a diet,” he tells her from an objective point of view his eyes lingering hotly over her breasts peeking from her top. “I love your curves.” He murmurs.

Klaus kisses her neck, persuading her, “But, but,” she sighs with jerky breaths as he scrapes his teeth along her collarbone.

“If you want to eat a little healthier or run a little longer than you usually do fine,” he says before licking the long line of her neck, “But don’t exert yourself.”

Caroline pulled back quickly her eyes narrowed, “It sounds like you’re telling me what to do,” she told him pulling out of his hold as she stood up.

“I’m not,” he said watching as she fixed her shirt unconsciously rubbing her thighs together, “I swear,” he told her.

“That’s it,” she announced pointing at him then herself, “I’m dieting,” she says determined.


“This sunset sucks,” she whined as she stood up finished with her last set of bridal lunges, “It’s orange and pink, so not cute.”

Klaus didn’t spare the sky a glance as he sketched the lines of Caroline’s face from memory, “It usually is,” he commented, “But then there’s the soft shades of blues mixed in with purple.”

“Klaus,” she groaned though not the way he would have liked, “Stop disagreeing with me,” she told him as she moped sulking to the couch next to him.

“I’m adding to the conversation,” he said looking at her with a soft lift of his shoulder when she sat next to him instead of on his lap.

“Well don’t,” she grumbled shifting so they faced each other, “And stop eating my pixy sticks,” she whined out of hunger watching the sugared powder drop coloring his tongue.

“They became mine when you cleaned housed and said you couldn’t eat them,” he informed her with a smile that said she was about to cave.

She narrowed her eyes, “No fair,” she said as she knocked the one he just opened out of his hand watching it drop to the floor next to them.

“They’re really yummy,” he said unbothered as he grabbed another from the bag and opened it turning his attention back to his work.

“You don’t ever say that word,” Caroline said as she moved her leg Klaus felt it land over his own as she pushed herself up so she was straddling him.

“I know,” he mumbled as she drew nearer collecting his sketchbook and setting it softly aside before her hands ran up his chest.

Caroline kissed him her lips sucking on his tongue making him realize just what she was up to and while it aroused him he had to say something.

He pulled back with a grin, “Does my tongue taste better than usual?” he asked tucking a stray curl away from her face a she blushed.

“Diets are stupid,” she said as she lounged over him kissing his lips softly as he nodded agreeing with her, “Can I have a stick now?”

“Which one?” he asked smugly, as his hips rose to meet hers, Caroline bit his lip as she rose up on his lap grabbing for the pixy.

“This one first,” she told him as she opened the last red one and poured it over her own tongue as he watched her comfortably from his lying position.


Favourite ships: Klaroline

Caroline, I’m standing in one of my favorite places in the world surrounded by food, music, art, culture, and all I could think about is how much I want to show it to You. Maybe one day You’ll let me.”

#Can we talk # about how he closed his eyes #to savour the moment #he closed his fucking eyes #cause he is in love with her #and then he lingers here #trying to move away #and not wanting to ever abandon the burning sensation #kissing her skin gives him?
#and when he pulls back #his face is filled with emotions # surprise that he finally kissed her # of how good it felt #fear and relief #that she didn’t push him away # and longing #a deep need to do it again