sugarbug17 asked:

Can you answer the "send me a character and I'll tell you", for Caroline please?

Put a character in my ask…

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE themTHEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with:  klaus, of course ;) (and literally nobody else but maybe her curling iron i’m sorry but nobody but klaus, who can take her all over the world and buy her whatever she wants and literally worship the ground she walks on is good enough for carebear)

friendship them with:  bonnie bennett, elena gilbert (sometimes), rebekah mikaelson (everyday all the days i don’t care they are magical unicorn queens who should take a road trip around the world together), katherine pierce (my OT3 with klaus btw), her curling iron

general opinions: okay so caroline forbes is a perfect angel cutie pie queen, and she deserves to rule the world and have all the beignets and curling irons she wants