Before I go, before I go away from here
Take me by hand, take by hand
We’ll go there together there, chaos will never reach us
(Never reach us!)
Before I go, before I go away from here
Take me by hand, take by hand
We’ll go there together there, chaos will never embrace us (x)


"Klaus? Klaus!" Caroline whispered urgently as she poked his shoulder.

"Uumph" Klaus grumbled as he rolled onto his side, facing away from her to get away from the fingers that had been prodding his shoulder.

Caroline frowned as he turned away from her, her eyes going up to the ceiling of their bedroom as a another muffled bang was heard. Being that it was Christmas eve and all she wasn’t certain that it was not Santa and his eight reindeer. Or was it nine? Did Rudolf make nine or was he part of the eight? And just as she was starting to recall the names of the reindeer another thump brought her back to the moment.

"Klaus!" Caroline whisper yelled as she grabbed his bare shoulder and shook him hard.

"Sweetheart, not again. I’m too bloody tired. Wasn’t three times enough for you?" Klaus mumbled as he rolled away from her and straight onto the floor with a thud. "Bloody Hell!"

Caroline would have laughed at the fall if she hadn’t been so incensed by what he had said. Scrambling over the bed she came to a stop at the edge and glared at her husband who was still laying on the floor rubbing his shoulder and hip that had taken the brunt of his fall out of bed.

"Three times not enough for me?! Are you implying that I am the insatiable one? Excuse me Mister Every Day This Week and I only initiated sex three times out of the bajillion times we have done it this week.” Caroline sassed as she waved three fingers in his face.

If Klaus wasn’t awake after the fall he was certainly awake now.

"Caroline, love, my apologies for implying that you are insatiable. However, there have been times you have awakened me before to claim your wifely rights, how was I to know this wasn’t one of those nights." Klaus said with a salacious smirk on his lips.

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Those words
  • Klaus:On my worst day and my best day I only ever wanted you.
  • Caroline:Just me?
  • Klaus:Even when you betrayed me and left me for dead.
  • Caroline:Wait, which time?
  • Klaus:Every single one.
  • Caroline:Is this your way of telling me you love me?
  • Klaus:Sweetheart, every day that is implied.
  • Caroline:I want to hear the words Klaus.
  • Klaus:Very well, I love you.