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Delusional much. Beth is the Sunshine of Daryls life and not Carol or Merle. Stop stealing stuff just to make your ship look more positive and likely. It's not happening and even if I am wrong and Beth doesn't come back till later, your Caryl still won't happen.


I think you need to go back and look at my Sunshine post again because you missed the mark astronomically on both its meaning and its content.
There is absolutely no need for Beth to be even brought up in there because the scenes have nothing to do with HER at all! 

What I posted were CANON quotes, said on screen by Merle, Daryl and Carol, that contain the word “sunshine” and each line has nothing else in common with the other but the WORD itself.
It doesn’t mean nor is it inferred in any way that Carol is Daryl’s or Merle’s SUNSHINE; just like it doesn’t imply that Merle was Carol’s or Daryl’s SUNSHINE…how you came to that conclusion I simply don’t know?!

The post itself is a LEVITY post - meaning that it’s suppose to be taken as funny, amusing or cute in some way.
Beth has nothing to do with it so I don’t get why you felt you had to bring her up in the first place.

But since you did and since you felt strongly enough about the issue to start throwing out big time insults like “delusional” at me, how about we make some points that you can respond to;
- When did Daryl Dixon on screen, meaning CANON, say that Beth was his SUNSHINE? (Season? Episode?)
- When did Daryl Dixon on screen, meaning CANON, say that Carol and Merle were not his SUNSHINE? (Season? Episode?)
- You accused me of “stealing” something - I am gonna need specifics about the when, how and what?
- Why do you have a problem with me being positive about my ship? Is it because you don’t have one?

Since you seem to still believe that Beth will come back, that must mean that you are part of the self-proclaimed Team Delusional group….but you have the nerve to call me “delusional”!
I think that’s a tad bit unfair, right?

I hope the rest of your day is less confusing and less hateful!

Sanja - Unrepentant Caryler

Merle Dixon's Way Of Praising Character Development

TWD Season 3 “The Suicide King” 309 - to Daryl Dixon

Merle Dixon: “Man, look like you’ve gone native, brother." 


TWD Season 3 "The Sorrowful Life” 315 - to Carol (Dixon) Peletier 

Merle Dixon: “You ain’t like you was back in the camp– a little mouse running around, scared of her own shadow….Well, you don’t seem scared of nothing anymore." 


*Merle Dixon Would Have Shipped It *

*I miss Merle today*

The 2+1 Times Daryl Wasn't CALM in "Consumed"

One of the biggest things that made the CARYL interactions in “Consumed” so profound was that the level of serenity and comfort between the two of them, felt completely out of place and very disproportioned in comparison to the intense action and violent tension of their surroundings. The connection that bound them to one another in the past was showcased several times and each time proven to have gotten stronger and more comfortable than before they were separated last season. 

The emotional moments captured the quiet tenderness and vulnerability they’ve always had but by having Daryl as the driving force behind the revelations, the writers emphasized that there had been a shift in their dynamic and the changes being exhibited showed a mutuality in the emotional investment between them that wasn’t so obvious in the past.

In other words the time had come for Daryl to be the one Carol leaned on, just as he had leaned on her for support in the past. Yin-Yang. 

 The dramatic change wasn’t necessarily that it was Daryl being there for Carol because we already knew that he cared about her and was more that capable to take care of her physically and emotionally, but the level of restraint and softness with which he treated her, spoke volumes of how far both their relationship and Daryl, the man, had come. 

To be frank, Daryl Dixon is the embodiment of physical strength, “gruff” mannerisms and overwhelming emotional baggage but even though he has always been slightly “different” with Carol than with the others, in “Consumed” the softness he always possessed when it came to Carol was both magnified and emphasized repeatedly. 

Even when they argued Daryl injected gentleness and patience into his words and in several scenes it even seemed as if he was approaching Carol like she was a wounded animal he was terrified of scaring off and losing forever in the wilderness. 

Whether it’s the fact that his voice softened even more when he addressed her, the (smoldering) trepidation in each gaze as he glanced towards her OR the way he maintained physical contact through gentle (unnecessary) gestures…the difference in how careful and almost hesitant he was with her was plain as day. 

The gingerly directed touches and the unrelenting patience he displayed with her by both holding back his reactions to the things she did and said and by the weighing his words carefully, was unlike the Daryl the audience was used to and maybe even unlike the Daryl, Carol herself, expected to be up against.

There is a lot to be said about the things that go on between Carol and Daryl during their interactions but the biggest and probably most important thing to note isn’t so much related to what is said but what is not said and yet understood and accepted perfectly. 

Daryl and Carol had a lot of “quiet” scenes in “Consumed”, which on TWD is a luxury not given to many characters, and each of their exchanges had a deep emotional undertone but the dialogue itself wasnt elaborate by any means. For two characters who perhaps need to open up about their turmoils the most, Carol and Daryl’s conversations revealed a lot about the changes they’ve undergone individually but did so with the least amount of actual verbal communication and yet were understood perfectly. 

A lot of what was said, was “unsaid” but the closeness of their connection picked up when the words failed to deliver and thereby each scene pushed both their relationship further and revealed just how in-sync they are when they are “together.” 

To complicate matters even further Daryl and Carol arrived to Atlanta after Daryl discovered Carol in a situation that very much looked as if she was planning on leaving HIM and the group behind. He had sensed that in her actions prior of course but seeing her by the car after just having reunited and after Daryl spent so much time reaching out to her, had to have both jarred and hurt him. 

However this is also where yet another “un-Daryl like” trait is revealed because he didn’t get angry, he didn’t lash out, he didn’t even question her and asked her to follow him. 

When they are at the shelter he carefully asks her what would have happened if he hadn’t followed her outside and when Carol gives him a very resigned “I don’t know”, he accepts it and gently lays down beside her. 

Everything he does or says to her in “Consumed” has a very gentle, almost restrained tone and even when they argued he was so contained and careful in his approach. 

In fact the only time we do see any kind of angry tension is when the situation endangered her or endangered him losing her. 

After he stopped Carol from shooting/killing Noah they continue on but it’s not him that tries to escalate what had happened and it’s certainly not him that asks for justifications of why it happened. Carol is the one that follows him and ultimately breaks down to tell him not just why she wanted to shoot Noah but why she had wanted to leave the group that night. 

Carol: “I don’t want you to die. I don’t want Beth to die. I don’t want anybody at the church to die, but I can’t stand around and watch it happen either. I can’t. That’s why I left. I just had to be somewhere else." 

Daryl: "Well, you ain’t somewhere else; you’re right here. Tryin’." 

He doesn’t care what Carol did or didn’t do in the past and he didn’t hold any of her actions against her in any way because as long as she was there with him and continued the TRYING with him, he could handle the rest. 

What he couldn’t handle, was Carol standing in front of him talking about not being there anymore, wanting to retreat, wanting to TRY somewhere else… 

That makes him angry and that’s what makes his voice crack. 

The second time we see Daryl’s ZEN being disturbed is when during their second encounter with Noah, an injured Carol had a very close call with a walker that Noah presumably threw at her. 

The expression on his face showed a tremendous amount of FEAR when she screamed and toppled on the ground AND since we’ve seen Daryl save Rick and the others from even "closer” calls, many times in the past, it was very easy to see that what made this “rescue” different, was the fact that it was CAROL on the ground and not someone else. 

The FEAR then transformed in to RAGE in a matter of seconds and before you could blink Noah was under a heavy bookcase and Daryl prepared to let the “kid” who he saved mere hours ago, die a gruesome death. 

He endangered Carol and all bets were off. 

When Carol tries to stop him and convince Daryl to help Noah anyways, the angry tension comes out and there is no doubt as to why; 

Daryl: “You almost died ‘cause of him!" 

Carol: "But I didn’t." 

Daryl: "Nah, let him be." 

The restraint is gone and Daryl can’t hold back anymore. 

He had been so calm during the whole episode, so careful to not push her, so gentle with both his hands and his words…keeping her close and protecting her. 

Now because of Noah he was once again standing in front of her and facing the reality that she could have been gone again - that he could have lost her permanently because of someone else. 

Nothing CALM about that anymore. 

Unfortunately a very few minutes later, Daryl loses Carol to the Grady Memorial Cops and the RAGE transforms the mellow facade he had put up while Carol was with him, into a savage determination to get her back again.

So some of his CALM comes back. 

So he can be GENTLE with someone again. 


                                  can we just go over something?

                             because I need to go over something.

             sooooo not only did Daryl run - fucking sprint - to get to her

                   and not only did he cling to her and not want to let go

                                              or cryyyyyyyyyyyyyy

                   TWICE - while not wanting to take his eyes off of her 

                               but he alsoooooo did this in front of

                            ELEVEN. OTHER. FUCKING. PEOPLE.

                        please don’t touch me right now. i am fragile.

I love protective!Daryl but the queen seems not to be so amused by him. lol
queen-carol requested some cute scene where Daryl makes sure Carol eats, drinks and is okay.
I’m sorry it took me this long to make it, you can kick my ass if you want. D:

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26 reasons to ship Caryl - parallels edition

Scars + victims of abuse.

They both took it out on Ed and Merle when they died (as a revenge for everything they had put them through).

3. They both used to live in the shadow of their own lives
Daryl in 4x12: “I was nobody. Nothing.”
Carol in 5x13: “I get to be invisible again.”

4. They both let go of their painful past.
• In 4x12, Daryl burned down the house that was meant to represent his past, and let go of those memories.
• Carol in 5x06 (to Daryl): “The woman I was with him… she got burned away.”

In both cases, fire is involded (literally and figuratively). There’s also a constant presence of fire in Consumed, their bottle episode. Carol is associated with fire in the flashbacks and Daryl is associated with fire in the present time. They burned their past away separately, and now they’re ready to “start over” together.

5. Forehead kisses.

The first one happened in season 2, and the second one in season 5. We can clearly see the evolution of their relationship through those kisses (in season 2, Daryl cringed and was reluctant to receive the kiss, while in season 5 he doesn’t even blink when Carol touches him).

6. The “separation” scenes.

Carol finding out that Daryl left the group + Daryl thinking Carol is dead + Daryl finding out that Rick banished Carol.

7. Picking up each other’s stuff.

8. Comforting each other after the loss of someone they cared about.

• Carol & Daryl in 5x06: “You don’t know me.” // “Yup, you keep telling yourself that.”
• Carol in 5x10: “I know you.”

• Carol in season 2: “You did more for my little girl in one day than her daddy ever did in his whole life.”
• Daryl in season 5: “You saved us all by yourself.”

4x02: “You okay?” // “Gotta be.”
5x02: “You okay?” // “Gotta be.”

12. Mirroring each other’s actions in Still/The Grove/Alone

& (teaching the girls how to use weapons)


& (breaking down after losing the girls)

13. Being there for each other after Sophia’s and Beth’s deaths.

• Carol in season 3: “Daryl has his code.”
• Daryl in season 4: “That’s her but that ain’t her”

• Glenn to Daryl (when he was leaving the group): “What do you want us to tell Carol?”
• Rick (after banishing Carol): “I gotta go talk to Daryl”

• Carol before finding out that Daryl left: “Where’s Daryl?”
• Daryl before finding out that Carol got banished: “What about Carol?”

• Daryl giving Sophia’s doll to Carol // Carol giving Beth’s knife to Daryl.

18. They care about each other more than anyone else.

Daryl is always the first one to reunite with Carol

They honor each other’s memory.

Daryl carrying Carol because she’s hurt: season 3 // season 5.

Their “stahp” game.

23. They’re both ready to give their lives to protect their family.
• Rick (to Carol): “Is there anything you wouldn’t do for this group?” / Carol: “No.”
• Daryl: “You want blood? You take it from me, man.”


• When Daryl wanted to leave the group in season 2, Carol stopped him. (You’re every bit as good as them”).
• When Carol wanted to leave the group in season 5, Daryl stopped her. (”We get to start over”).
They’re trying.

25. They’re trying.
“You said we get to start over. Did you?” / “I’m trying.”
“Why are you here?” / “Trying.”
“You ain’t somewhere else, you’re right here. Trying!”
“You wanted me to try, right?”

26. Together.
We ain’t dead”
We get to start over.”
We ain’t ashes.”
• We’re not dead”