Carol & Daryl Crack!vid | HUMOR EDITION #2

Heeello everyone! This video contains awkward humor and lame jokes.  Watch at your own Risk ;).

All About Carol

You know, it’s funny how much it’s not US fans who are making it all about Carol but actually the show itself.

No Sanctuary was largely about Carol. The emotional reunions were about Carol or caused by Carol.

And then Carol’s actions in Strangers cause a huge development with repercussions for everyone (the group splits because Daryl and Carol are gone).

Then Four Walls and a Roof ends on a cliffhanger about Carol


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Melissa McBride, Eyegore 2013 Red Carpet (22/Sep/2013)

  • Responding to inquiry about Carol’s prospects for romance in season 4 + bonus reaction gif.
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I was thinking about the popularity of Daryl Dixon.

Can anyone honestly say he would be anywhere near as popular as he is today without the Sophia storyline?

Yeah, I get the badass redneck draw, but come on, his popularity soared when we saw he was a badass redneck with a heart of gold.

What’s my point?

Without Carol… Daryl probably wouldn’t be as popular as he is today.

Yes people, admit it: You ship it!!! You always have!

Caryl on!!!