Captain Marvel - some assembly required

People seemed to like the Hawkguy stained glass, so here is another piece with the wonderful Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel! Inspired by the powerful art of Jamie McKelvie that truly captured the strength and determination of one of my favorite heroes. 

It will also be hanging at Fantastic Comics :D

(The mesh behind it on the photos is a bug net I cannot remove from my windows… Living in grad housing has its advantages and inconveniences - sigh.)

The piece is 20 inches x 30 inches; 300$ worth of glass, 8$ worth of solder and 5$ worth of band-aids

Captain Mini Marvel in watercolor and ink on Stillman and Birn Delta.

While waiting for the larger Captain Marvel commission to dry, I used some of the spare paints to add some color to this warm up sketch. I just forgot to scan it. I like her rosy cheeks.

Here’s a link to the B&W version: http://jorgesantiagojr.tumblr.com/post/96806879099/a-tiny-carol-danvers-i-had-penciled-a-commission