You know what doesn’t get talked about enough? How the writers and producers of The Walking Dead have managed to put out a show that has only gotten better every damn season and has added more and more representation for groups that normally never would have it on a wildly successful drama. There are seven main female characters next season. SEVEN. 2 of which are black, one of which is Hispanic, another a lesbian who happens to actually have a storyline about redemption as opposed to her sexuality. Also can we talk about the fact that Michonne, a strong, independent, black woman is actually being perceived as a love interest for the attractive white male lead???? THAT IS HUGE. Or how about Sasha ACTUALLY HAVING REALISTIC FEELINGS OF FEAR AND ANXIETY WHILE BEING STRONG AND A SURVIVOR HOLY SHIT ITS AMAZING A WOMAN CAN HAVE MULTIPLE LAYERS WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT. Or how about Maggie the hot chick. The one they could use every excuse to get naked and sexy but instead is always covered in grime and WHO CUT OPEN A WALKER TO LEAVE A MESSAGE FOR HER HUSBAND. A husband I might add that she has a very healthy and interesting marriage with. A husband who is the Asian Boy who really could have ended up as the comic relief but instead we find out that he is of Korean descent and was a pizza delivery boy, not some savant who knows kung fu but HE STILL MANAGES TO BE A BADASS WITOUT BEING A STEREOTYPE BECAUSE THAT IS A GREAT CHARACTER. Or how about Beth, sweet little Beth who manages to defy our expectations and show us a different kind of strength that is just as important as shooting a gun but is rarely valued in women on TV BECAUSE IT IS TOO FEMININE. Or Carol? The abused timid wife turned survivor who easily could have been killed off a dozen times by now but is TOO DAMN INTERESTING. THATS RIGHT A FEMALE CHARACTER THAT HAS A PSYCHOLOGY THE WRITERS ACTUALLY WANT TO EXPLORE. Then there is Tyresse, the huge muscular black guys who could be depicted in a thousand horrifying stereotypes but ISN’T. He’s an island of reason and stability. He stands up for justice in a world that has none. He is kind and protective and FORGIVING. HE HAS ACTUAL MOMENTS OF DOUBT AND WEAKNESS. Did I mention this was a black man on a show lead by a white cop in Georgia? And Bob. Bob, another black character (BECAUSE THIS SHOW IS SO OVER ITS TOKEN POC CHARACTER PHASE AND I LOVE IT) is a mystery, what are his motivations what are his loyalties WHO IS HE REALLY???? You want to know, they are actually doing something with this guy!!! And screw it, lets take a look at our Attractive White Male Leads for a second. Sure on the surface there is a whole lot of man-pain with a healthy dose of smoulder, but it’s been done in such a way THAT YOU ACTUALLY GIVE A SHIT. Rick’s struggle to be a father and a leader and a good man in a world bound and determined to destroy him is fascinating and heartbreaking. ALL OF YOU WILL CRY WHEN HE SEES JUDITH AGAIN. He has had to evolve and change his mindset and morality to survive as opposed to the usual white male action hero thing where ‘it’s their rules now”. Even when Rick is using ‘his rules’ they are rules he has made because of the world and people around him. Then there is Daryl. My favorite, everyone’s favorite. Even if you hate him You love him just a little. The dirty, white trash boy who could have ended up at a horrible racist druggie like the writers initially wanted. But he didn’t. He ended up defying the Abused Kids Become Abusers trope and showing that yeah Abused Kids end up with wildly horrible psychological damage but they can also be nurturing, loyal, loving, and gentle. He on the surface is this muscle bound BADASS that all the ladies love but really? They have had him cry at least 3 times on the show, he’s desperate for approval and love and hopeless at knowing how to get it. I CRIED AT THE YOU ARE MY BROTHER LINE. Admit it The brotherhood of Rick and Daryl is so friggin sweet. Then there is Carl. Attractive White Male Lead in Training. Except he is probably the most realistic portrayal of a teenager on TV I have ever seen. Imagine being the emotional and hormonal mess you were as a teen, now imagination having to kill your mom, now imagine friggin zombies everywhere and an emotionally unavailable father. Yeah, stop hating on poor Carl, he’s doing the best he can.


"DARYL is defined. He is no longer angry at the loss of the prison. He saved Rick, Carl and Michonne before he knew it was them. That is proof to himself of his true character."

"CAROL grew to be the protector at all costs over the past seasons. She didn’t like what she had to do, but understands she had to do it, and no one else. No pride in what she did, but no regrets."

Speculation regarding the Season 5 Trailer & other spoilers.

After re-watching the trailer several times  I came up with some ideas and although they’re not specifically Caryl related, a few of them are still relevant to Caryl…

Behind a read more because it is filled with spoilers from the comics, and Caryl. If you don’t like Caryl you won’t like parts of this, so I’d suggest not reading. Also, really big comic spoilers - I warned you.

(Also: This post was created after the first trailer was released a few weeks ago, and as such some parts of it have not been updated with other filming spoilers.. Not because I don’t believe the spoilers are important, but because I haven’t had the time to include it in the post and this post is pretty much only about what the trailer shows us..Enjoy anyway.)

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Daily Drabble

With no access to the yard and days passing, they couldn’t wait any longer to put Axel to rest. Daryl helped Carol set up an area to burn the body, but he stood back once the fire was started. Carol was really the only person that had gotten to know Axel and thus was the only person taking the time to grieve.

Daryl attended the makeshift funeral out of respect. That bullet could have so easily found Carol instead. He wasn’t happy that Axel was dead, but he was grateful for the man’s involuntary sacrifice.

He remained at the site until the embers burned out and Carol had said her goodbye.

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