I need to say this.

You know ever since Carol got that almost-flying-tackle-hug from Daryl, we’ve been seeing little glimpses of a part of him that we really haven’t gone into.

He’s always been the protector, the provider, someone who gets shit done. He’s been closed off, gruff, no-nonsense all the time, and it takes a catalyst like the prison being overrun and thinking that everyone he’s ever cared about for the last year-year and a half just GONE for this to show.

And I love seeing this side of him.

I think the best sight we see of this is not just the infamous Jug Toss that happened but you can see it in his face. He’s beaming at her when he says that they can start over. He was also smiling in the premiere episode milliseconds before he hugs the shit out of her!

Who else can bring this out of Daryl? Oh yeah, no one but Carol :D