I like this drawing but I actually have mixed feelings about it because a recurring theme in my fanfic is Ganondorf being unable to accept loss.

We actually see his wish in Wind Waker and, of course, Carock is not mentioned at all. On one hand, it could mean that he’s getting some character development and has accepted Carock’s death. On the other hand, Wind Waker is pretty much the reason why I portray Ganondorf with this characteristic in the first place.

However, the former is reinforced by the fact that he has some very good reasons to at least want Hyrule unflooded “unsealed” so the “cannot accept loss” characteristic is not needed for him to make the wish to “unseal” Hyrule (and claim it while he’s at it).

But then there’s another plot-hole… Why couldn’t Ganondorf cure Carock?

He has powerful magic and possesses the Triforce of Power. He likely could cure a rare fungal infection in the everything. But he might have to actually know it’s a fungal infection because healing magic would probably only slow down the necrosis and wouldn’t actually get rid of the infection… But it’s still kinda plot holey.

I have two other ideas about how Carock dies in the Adult Timeline but I don’t know if they’re actually any better… Basically, they’re death by old age (like dying peacefully in his sleep) or suicide (I’m not gonna ramble forever about why, some of it’s spoilery and I don’t really feel like it anyway so there).

Old age might work out OK, since you can see it coming so it’s less sudden and what-not. Also, I think it fits with Wind Waker’s mono no aware-ness better? Death by violence, suicide, or sickness feels like an unfair, unnatural cheat while death by old age feels more inevitable and like the natural order of things.

I can’t just have Carock be alive during WW, either, because of reasons… The main one being that he absolutely would not stay on the sidelines this time and I’m kinda trying to make this stuff fit reasonably well in LoZ canon so… Yeah. Not doing that except in an AU.

Incidentally, my headcanon for how the Downfall Timeline exists is that someone loyal to Ganondorf went back in time (either through his or her own methods or by stealing the Ocarina of Time and using it) to change what happened.

I’m not saying who does that in my fanfic (outside of NOT CAROCK) but I will say that Carock fought with Ganondorf that time due to that person’s interference and that Carock goes for the jugular.

Edit: "Why Ganondorf couldn’t cure Carock"
Yay! Plot-hole filled! Thank you, Bonjiro! :D

Fourth boss, Carock. This had to be the easiest (and fastest) yet. He can’t be damaged by your sword, and even if he could you don’t have an opportunity because he teleports so quickly. The battle requires the use of the Reflect spell to turn his own attacks against him. It’s easiest to stay at the edge, which prevents him from hitting you unless he teleports directly on top of you, which is pretty rare. Because of the nature of the battle, he takes the same amount of damage no matter how high your attack is.

*still not over /ˈgɛnənˌdɔrf/*


(for those who don’t remember/have no idea wtf I’m talking about, /ˈgɛnənˌdɔrf/ is from when I was considering writing Carock’s dialogue in an eye dialect based off this.)

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ I wanna do all the things.

I wanna write the fanfic.

I wanna draw and/or write the fanfic backstories.

I wanna draw the Carodorf.

Especially the Carodorf where Carock tops Ganondorf.


I wanna do all the things.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


It’s funny how much of my character design ultimately happens in tiny pixelated spaces… And in an EGA palette (sometimes CGA. Heck, I originally shot for that but changed my mind).

The first picture contains “proto-type” faces.

Row 1 contains Carock’s default face, two expressions found (completed) in the other faceset, and the default face of Saitel.

Row 2 contains Ganondorf’s default face (when he gets his own faceset, I’ll add his crown), Aveil’s angry make-upless face, Aveil’s default face, and Sahar’s default face.

Row 3 contains one of Carock’s “proto-type” faces, Gulbara’s “WHAAAAT” face, Gulbara’s default face, and Sisel’s default face.

Row 4 contains Matsel’s angry make-upless face, her default face, and her fancy face.

The second picture contains some of Carock’s facial expressions drawn in 48 x 48 pixel squares with 16 colors or less… Specifically, 5 to 6 if you don’t count that backdrop I added. XD

The one in row 2, column 4 is kinda weird, but maybe I’m just not used to actually seeing Carock that pissed off. (those are fangs, BTW. The rest of his teeth are still hidden under his lips… lol, they look really goofy here… XD)

The Hyrulean Civil War rages on so Ganondorf has enough to worry about without some weirdo cultists from the west trolling his borders. However, after a cultist and a traitor try to kidnap one of his granddaughters, he crosses paths with a wizard and gets dragged into his mission to save his ward from the very same cultists.

Pairing: Carodorf (Carock x Ganondorf)


Reminder what a Tuttuk is here because of reasons.
Adventures on Verizania Island!

(Last post about Verizania Island here)




*victory dance*

And on my birthday to boot! lol

Anyway, Jack and Hrache got married too, as well as Mazura and Zoidberg.

It’ll be interesting to see what their kids will look like… XD

Also, Demise and Link are friends again. XD

And Link has a sweetheart again. Her nickname is Ruby and her real name is long and weird like Rubilizabethann or something… I don’t remember. lol

Also, Levonack is dating Lusin, which is pretty darn cool since I intended for them to date so woo.

And I was correct about Katie and Seccom, they’re dating now too.






… But really, though, his stripes. The moment they went past his jaw is when his life started going crazy. Poor baby… :(

Anyway, the 2nd picture has the type of lighting that he probably would have been in at this time.


I’m eighty-something percent done with what I’m working on so I took a quick break and tried out Akinator.

I beat him on my first try by thinking of Carock. *cackle cackle*

I guess I should have taken more screenshots but I didn’t think of doing that until Zant showed up. ^.^;;;

BTW, he asked if the character I was thinking of was a skeleton (pssst, look at his hands) and I picked “yes”… Zant is not a skeleton, silly. XD

Even so, seeing as how obscure a character Carock is, I almost feel like I cheated (LoZ fans have mistaken him for an OC of mine! To be fair, I had been drawing him like this for years— but you’d think that someone would have recognized the name? Yes? No? Maybe? IDK). *cackle cackle*

I'm glad all this showed on my dash 'cuz it ain't in the notes and I would have hated to miss any of it!

bonjiro said:

Actually, I don’t tend to think Magic ‘cures’ things. I think it can only cure magical ailments, whereas it can only lessen non magical disease, but not actually get rid of it. Otherwise, why couldn’t Gan also prevent sickness among his people?

Yeah, the more I thought about it, the less healing magic seemed like it could effectively cure a disease. If anything, it would make it worse since it could technically heal bacteria and fungi too (dunno with viruses).

Not to mention there’s no guarantee that anyone Hyrule, Gerudo Valley, etc. actually knows about bacteria and junk so if they tried to use magic to cure illnesses, they wouldn’t know how.

bonjiro also said:

So, like, I dunno. I don’t think that’s plot holey. Most medicine in Hyrule comes in the form of potions, and fungal infection sounds like one of those things that may be resistant to potions, since they themselves are shroomy and stuff.

Yeah, I can’t imagine mushrooms having fungicidal properties (except in a silly thing that popped in my head about an anthropomorphic serial killing fungus but that doesn’t apply here XD)

There’s no guarantee that they have access to any plants with fungicidal properties where they are, either, and they likely wouldn’t be potent enough anyway (the fungal infection I have in mind is at least based off Mucormycosis, which has a high mortality rate now).

bonjiro also said:

OHOHOHOH AND Ganondorf is effectively not a healer. He’s evil man. Black magic. Fleshcraft. Soul corruption. Undead stuff. Curses. NONE of which he’d ever wanna bring upon Carock. Maybe COULDN’T heal him, since he wasn’t proficient enough at it.

Yeah, we’ve never seen Ganondorf heal anybody so I don’t know where my assumption that he could came from (or could do so particularly well for that matter).

Well, yay! Plot-hole filled! Thank you. :3

Oh, hey, I did a thing… In, like, three days. I finished it last night.
I needed to animate something but was having a pixel art block (which I think is gone now, so, like, yay) so I did this! :3

That dividing line originally wasn’t there in that last part. At first I was like, “DANG IT, GANONDORF’S TOO SMALL. THAT’S GONNA BE HARD TO FIX” but then I realized they were too close together anyway and fixed it with that line (which was very easy)… Now Ganondorf being too small is a complete non-issue. XD

Other Gerudo are with Ganondorf but I didn’t draw them… At the very least because the only one I’ve designed yet is Gulbara. XD

This should take place in the 2nd Chapter of The Children’s Trident… lol, Ganondorf hasn’t fixed his bedhead yet! XD