totemvg OK I was just going to answer this with a lil blurb about her but i got really carried away with the drawing!

She’s the suite carnivore, she’s on the school’s wrestling team, and loves to watch food network. Jasper majors in business, which will allow her to strategize, crush those weaker than her AND in general be a HUGE POWERFUL FEMALE CEO. Its kinda a curveball major, no one expects her to be in business? She’s incredibly competitive in her classes and works hard to make sure she’s always at the top of her class. In her electives, only Rose has grades higher than Jasper, which drives her nuts. 

As far as her suite mates go, she’s pretty disappointed in both Peridot and Lapis. She didn’t expect to get stuck with the boring nerds and think they are a huge bummer for her college experience parade. But that doesn’t stop her from messing with them, cooking for them, or accidentally getting little crushes on them.


The Mesozoic Park: Spinosaurus

Common name: Spinosaurus (SPINE-oh-SAWR-us) Size: 12-15m (40-50ft) long Age: Mid-Cretaceous (97.5-95 million years ago) Geographic range: North Africa Liked: swimming, being huge, and eating everything Disliked: running Taxonomy: Animalia > Chordata > Saurischia > Spinosauria > Spinosaurus > S. aegyptiacus

Unlike genera such as mosasaurus, pliosaurs, etc., which are considered aquatic REPTILES, the Spinosaurus was the only known aquatic dinosaur. The difference between them is that a “dinosaur” is defined as a terrestrial, biped/quadruped with a diapsid skull. The aquatic reptiles are not considered dinosaurs because they only swim, while the Spinosaurus was a dinosaur that was terrestrial, but would swim to catch fish.

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yeah some summer’s practice doodles and boop! I have Centaurus(or so)! Secret trio

I wonder if Jake is an omnivore or a carnivore? ( Well letting a carnivore between a horse and a llama is… not a good idea..) 

gonna do this to the Celebrity trio too yeah


Jake’s actual height lolz

“Shangra Creatures” are a genus of aquatic risk beasts that all evolved from the same ancestor into a variety of diverse forms. Identified especially by their “skull mask” bone growth over their head, all Shangra creatures possess the same row of bone spines around their vertical circumference, 2 pairs of limbs and “limb spines” where it attach to the shoulder. Shangra creatures are warmblooded and purely carnivorous, eating large chunks out of similar-sized prey or swallowing small creatures whole. Their bone parts can open a full 90 degrees to expose their lamprey-like mouth, or be held closed and used for ramming.

All shangra have powerful predatory pressure for their rank.

Do we have a deal?-Xiumin

“I know what you’re actually like Minseok. Why hide your true, disgusting self?”

I spoke to the innocent looking young man with the glasses. However, this man was not innocent whatsoever, but in reality a man with carnivorous needs of a sex-crazed beast. The whole school was able to believe in his facade of a model student who can do no wrong, but not me. I’m not blind. I’m not stupid either.

“What do you mean,” he asked.

“I saw you at the Exodus Club last night. You were partying and fucking girls like it was your daytime job. Very unlike you, Class rep,” I said leaning against the teacher’s desk.

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Let’s talk about some cool plants!

Carnivine’s name literally comes from “carnivore” and “vine”. 

Carnivine is a vine, which is any plant that has a growth habit of climbing. They are characterized by their long, loose stems, which allows it to save energy by not building supportive tissue, but using other things for support, like fences or other trees. This also allows them to get to the top quickly, where there’s more sunlight and less shadows, giving them an advantage over other plants in the area.

But you guys don’t care about vines. You want the action.

Carnivine is a carnivorous plant which most closely resembles the Venus Fly Trap. They eat flies, caterpillars, even frogs.

It’s important to understand, carnivorous plants don’t eat to gain energy, like we do. They still get all of their energy from photosynthesis, but they digest bugs for their nutrients.

We get both energy and nutrients from eating. Most plants get energy from photosynthesis and nutrients from the soil through their roots. Most carnivorous plants live in places where the soil does not have very many nutrients (specifically deficient in nitrogen and phosphorus), so they had to evolve a new way of getting the nutrients they need. Places like rocky cliffs, or dense acidic swamps. Hey, Carnivine lives in a Marsh, that’s perfect.

Carnivine has a very sweet-smelling nectar which lures bugs in, like any innocent flower looking to spread its pollen. Then it snaps shut and traps the prey forever.

Carnivine, like the Venus Flytrap, uses a mechanism called a snap trap. The “mouth” of the plant are actually just its leaves. They have three trigger hairs on each lobe, which detect small movements. If a hair is bent, ion channels open in the cell membranes, which causes the individual cells to expand and the plant to snap shut in less than one second. If the prey struggles inside of the plant, it will only set off more hairs, which as you can imagine will cause the plant to shut tighter.

They actually have a safe mechanism, to avoid being set off by rain or debris. For the plant to close, two stimuli must bend the trigger hairs, less than 30 seconds apart.

So now that the prey is trapped inside, let’s talk about digestion. Once the trap closes tightly enough to create an air-tight seal, it starts secreting enyzmes that digest only the soft tissue of the prey. It then absorbs the nutrients directly into the leaf. For a Venus Fly Trap, digestion happens very slowly over one or two weeks. For Carnivine, it takes about 24 hours. Once its done, the plant will open again and the leftover exo/skeleton will fall out. Then it “resets the trap”, and is ready for another meal. 

But, for the Venus fly trap, after 3-5 meals the trigger hairs no longer respond to movement, and the leaves will do nothing but photosynthesize until they fall off the plant. That probably doesn’t happen with Carnivine.

Carnivine attracts prey with sweet-smelling nectar. When the prey lands in its mouth, it sets off trigger hairs which cause the cells to expand, shutting the trap in less than a second. It then releases enyzmes which absorb the nutrients it needs, and opens again to discard the skeleton and reset the trap.

Be sure to check out our Victreebel post if you want to learn more about Carnivine’s pitcher-plant cousin.

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Why carnivorous plants can "eat" and also make photosynthesis, and which would be their main resource of energy?

Carnivourous plants get some or most of their nutrients from eating insects, animals, bugs, protozoa and stuff. But they don’t get their energy from them. 

Now here’s why… These plants have adapted to grow in places where the soil is thin or poor in nutrients, especially nitrogen, which is essential for the plants life. So the only way to get it is to consume living organisms which contain the things the nutrients they need. 

The energy (and main source of it), is provided by the usual photosynthesis mumbo jumbo.

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the animals are already dead, so someone choosing to eat meat isnt killing anything, humans eat meat, animals eat meat, you think animals are considerate of other animals when they kill and eat each other ? someone choosing to be non vegan is nothing to even discuss, you're just an arrogant snob for even thinking that it's some how a contradiction, humans will always eat meat, just because don't puts you no where higher on a pedestal then anyone else.

The meat you purchase is 100% not from animals that simply ‘passed away’. The meat you purchase is from animals that have been bred for exactly that, to be killed for their meat, to be consumed by humans. By purchasing this meat, you are directly contributing to the business and the demand for these products, which will continue the ongoing breeding and slaughtering of these animals. I am not, nor have I ever said that all living beings on the earth should be vegan. Yes, many animals are made for eating meat, they are carnivores or omnivores, humans are not either of these. Our teeth structure, our stomach structure, our ancestors, and many other factors are all scientific evidence to this. You see a live animal and the most likely response you will have is one of admiration and love, not the instinct of omnivorous/carnivorous animals, which is to kill and eat. If we eat animals raw we get sick, this is an obvious indicator of how our bodies were made.

Calling me an arrogant snob is not only childish, but completely inaccurate. I am not arrogant nor a snob, and I certainly don’t act like one. I have a strong passion for the world I live in, its wellbeing, and those within it. I am constantly taking the initiative to research and educate myself on current global issues in all areas, and in particular focusing on the difference I can make to do the most good and least harm during my lifetime, and if sharing the information I learn is apart of that, then so be it. I do not regard myself of any higher importance then another being. In fact, I think fairly equally of most living creatures, to me a life is a life - hence my beliefs in veganism. It is pretty contradictory to call the vegan who is talking about equality of all species, someone who doesn’t treat their own life of equal to others, thinks of their own lives of even higher. I have no problem, in fact I encourage, people to voice their opinion, but this is far more then that. You have cowardly, anonymously attacked my views, and then attacked me as a person due to the contrast we have in beliefs. Somehow I believe you wouldn’t feel great if someone came on doing something like this to you. Think about what you do, think about the affects that your words can make, because I’d hate you to attack someone who wasn’t as strong as I am. 


I understand that a lot of people recommend barbecue recipes, especially stuffed bread type foods to carnivore kin to simulate tearing into flesh and eating it.
I get it. But for me, it’s not the same. Not even a sad, but acceptable substitute. Nothing is a substitute for killing something with your face, feeling it go from body hot to dead cold, feeling it’s life flow into you and sharing it with your family.
It’s something that should be experienced, even humans who eat meat should kill it at least once. Even if it’s something stupid like a fish or a bird. Not for killings sake, but don’t be blind to the process.
I don’t know, there’s just something about calling bbq sauce, which is more sugar than anything, a substitute for blood, which isn’t sweet at all, that kind of bugs me. Also calling bread a substitute for flesh- which is skin and fat and hair. Then again, our human teeth are a sad substitute for carnivore teeth.
I don’t mean any disrespect to people who try it or support it, I just think that we should be looking for better options.

Jurassic Park: Animal Bios #7 - Ceratosaurus

One of the more recognizable theropod faces, here’s Ceratosaurus nasicornis.

Ceratosaurus is a unique dinosaur, as well as one of the first discovered theropods. Found by Othniel Charles Marsh in 1884, he immediately named the type specimen for its unique head ornamentation. Ceratosaurus is a relatively primitive theropod, and is the namesake of the ceratosauria clade. This clade is an interesting one, much like Ceratosaurus itself, not even passing the tetanurae clade, but it is a part of the averostrans. Ceratosaurus had four digits on each hand, one on each being vestigial. This is different from most later theropods, who posessed mainly three-fingered hands, or even two, like the tyrannosaurids.

NAME MEANING: Horned Lizard
DIET: Carnivorous
TEMPORAL RANGE: Late Jurassic Period
LOCATION: Portugal, Europe; Africa; Utah, Wyoming, United States, North America
HEIGHT: 12ft (3.5m)
LENGTH: 30.5ft (9m)
WEIGHT: 1t (2000lbs)

Within the Jurassic Park universe

In the films


Ceratosaurus only appears in one piece of Jurassic Park media: Jurassic Park III. Even here, its appearance is only in the form of a cameo. All Ceratosaurus, like every other animal cloned by InGen, were made on Isla Sorna and planned to be an attraction in Jurassic Park. The inevitable failure of the part prevented any animals from being shipped to Isla Nublar, and all remaining specimens were left to roam free after Hurricane Clarissa struck Isla Sorna, and all staff were forced to evacuate.

APPEARANCE: Only one specimen has ever been seen, and it was a beige color, with a bright red head. Black markings and paler red colouring can be seen throughout the body.
BEHAVIOR: Unknown. The specimen encountered by Grant and co. appeared to be hunting, but quickly absconded once it smelled the Spinosaurus dung on them.

Jurassic Park III (2001)

In Jurassic Park III, when Dr. Alan Grant and the Kirbys had found an abandoned riverboat on Isla Sorna, they got off at a clearing to find the ringing satellite phone in a pile of Spinosaurus droppings. Once they found it, their victory was short-lived, as Eric Kirby pointed out a Ceratosaurus walking right for them. The dung-covered humans froze as the Ceratosaurus leaned down, sniffed them a bit, snorted, and then turned around and disappeared into the jungle, disgruntled.

Note: The female Ceratosaurus shown in the middle image is a headcanon design by the Jurassic Park Legacy team, and is not confirmed to be canon.

What’s ok
Eating meat.
What’s not ok
Inhumanely killing an animal for its meat.

What’s ok
Wearing wool (the sheep hasn’t been killed or hurt/injured most of the time, it’s wool is just shorn off).
What’s not ok
Wearing clothing from an animal that has been specifically killed for its pelt.

What’s ok
Having a vegan or vegetarian diet.
What’s not ok
Forcing that diet on other members of your family or pets (some animals are carnivores, and their body works better if they eat meat, if you don’t want to give meat to your pet, maybe get an animal that is naturally a herbivore).

What’s ok
Being a vegan or vegetarian.
What’s not ok
Criticising/harassing people for having a different diet.

What’s ok
Eating meat in your diet
What’s not ok
Bragging about how good bacon and other meats taste to people who do not eat meat.

What’s ok
Defending animal rights
What’s not ok
Using this to disguise racism (e.g. stating that chickens being killed is worse than people of colour being murdered by the police).

As Long As You’re Happy

(Hi friends, I’m gonna post my poem here because I need feedback. Thank youuu! <3)

It is everything I expected it to be.


It is a cavernous hole that protrudes from my chest

A wound, with no weapon but the words that got caught in my throat.

It is the sharp teeth of long, carnivorous shadows

latching to my skin and feeding on whatever hopes I have

of you falling to my feet and begging for forgiveness

It is every sweet word or poem you ever spoke

turn to dust in my mouth

and venom in my brain

You, oh god you

you are in every little crevice of my mind

I couldn't give you up if I tried.

You are the hole in my chest

You are the demons in my skin

You are the venom in my brain

But as long as you’re happy,

I’m fine. 

Ok guys but just imagine:

A type of siren that is this beautiful man or woman you can find in or around forests, right? Just… The most beautiful men or women ever, who lure you to them with their song and seduce you and draw you into the woods… Running their hands over your body, whispering how much they want you, and then… Paralyzing you with their kiss.

This is when they transform into their true form: a six-foot, carnivorous spider. As you lay there, paralyzed and unable to scream, it calls to its colony.

It is time to feed.

“Dear World, I’m a 10 year old animal and dinosaur lover. I started loving dinosaurs when I was about 6 or 7. The reason that I like dinosaurs is that there are different kinds of dinosaurs. For example: Ankylosaurus and T-Rex are called dinosaurs even if one is a herbivore, carnivore, or omnivore. Well that’s about it. here are some questions about dinosaurs, let’s see if you are smarter than me :) (it’s cause I have glasses).

1.Which dinosaur was the dinosaur king?

‘Tranosaurus-Rex’ or 'Spinosaurus’ (did I spell them right?)

2. Which type of dinosaur can survive the longest?

Carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore