Tiny Bats Roost Inside of Carnivorous Plants

by Mićo Tatalović

BATS roost in big groups in caves. Wrong! If you’re a Hardwicke’s woolly bat, you prefer to sleep in a more luxurious – and private – place.

Kerivoula hardwickii roosts inside tropical pitcher plants in Borneo. These carnivorous plants usually attract insects, but Nepenthes hemsleyana lacks the scents that others have, so few bugs are lured in. Instead, it benefits from the faeces of this tiny bat, which provides more than a third of its nitrogen and may be crucial to the plant’s survival.

"This is the only bat species that has ever been found roosting in pitchers," says Caroline Regina Schöner, whose team discovered the bats in 2009. "These bats managed to find a niche that no one else is occupying."…

(read more: New Scientist)

photographs by Merlin Tuttle/Science Source

anonymous asked:

"We have no carnivorous instincts". You know, we have eaten meat for as long as we have lived, as it's a essential for us to eat it to gain protein and vitamins that fruits and vegetables can't give us. Maybe that's why vegans are so unethical and irrational, because the things vegans eat give them no where near as much protein, iron, vitamins and omega for your brains to function fully and to its full potential. Plus, milk and eggs don't harm cows and chickens. A fact even 5 year olds know.

Okay, I’m going to break this down.

1. “We have eaten meat for as long as we have lived”

Except that we haven’t. We evolved from herbivorous creatures. As this post explains, we didn’t always eat meat and we certainly aren’t designed to. Not only that, but there are many, many vegetarian and vegan cultures that have existed for a lot longer than the Standard American Diet.

2. “it’s essential for us to eat it to gain protein and vitamins that fruits and vegetables can’t give us”

Actually, there is nothing in meat that you can’t get as a vegan. As you can see from (source 1), (source 2), (source 3), (source 4) and pretty much anything in the Google search for “do vegans get enough protein,” protein is really not an issue. As long as you aren’t starving, it is very, very unlikely for anyone to become protein deficient. All the amino acids necessary for human health exist in abundance in plant food, and if you can’t maintain your status as an Alpha Bro without eating a 50% protein diet, there is also an abundance of vegan protein powders.

The only vitamin of any concern to vegans is vitamin B12, which is actually a concern for everyone on every diet. It is produced by bacteria in the soil, but a combination of food washing, pesticides and modern agricultural practises like monocropping have left us bereft of B12. Which is why the meat you eat comes from animals who were given B12 supplements.

As for the other nutrients you mention: 


Omega 3 and 6

3. “Milk and eggs don’t harm cows and chickens”

Actually, I think you’ll find that dairy is very cruel.

Unwanted male calves are either raised for beef, or confined in veal crates and fed liquid only diets until they are slaughtered as babies for your veal.

It’s no fun for the dairy cows either.

Dairy cows are forcibly inseminated annually to ensure that they continue to produce milk, they are painfully dehorned without anaesthetic, and being milked day in day out often causes mastitis, as pictured above. Naturally, cows can live for 20-25 years, but in the dairy industry, after cows have been worn out from a constant cycle of pregnancy, birth, their babies being taken from them and milking, they are slaughtered around the age of 5.

Now, eggs. Your happy, happy eggs. Aside from containing so much cholesterol and having such high risk for salmonella that the USDA does not allow advertisers to market them as “nutritious,” “healthy,” or “safe,” eggs are also a product of cruelty.

Now most people agree that battery eggs are cruel, and cages like those above are obviously unacceptable. But cage free and free range is really not that much better.

This hen was on a free range farm. Are you going to tell me that she is unharmed? There is no legal framework around what is “free range” in egg farming. Hens are considered “spent” after 18 months no matter how they are farmed, and are left in bins to slowly die, are gassed with CO2, have their necks snapped or are ground up alive.

They are also debeaked without anaesthetic, free range, cage free or otherwise, and male chicks, which are useless to the egg industry are ground up alive.

Lucky for us, we’re not 5 any more and can look deeper than happy cow cartoons in ads, huh? From here, it seems to me that vegans aren’t the unethical, irrational ones.

Do you hate vegans because you love animal suffering or because they remind you that you contribute to it? Are you annoyed by vegan activism because you want animals to continue to suffer needlessly or because you don't want to change anything in your life to lessen animal suffering?