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With a bored sigh, Enma founded himself once again wondering on the streets of Namimori who apparently were quite crowded today. Maybe because of some big sales that are going around?

Even so.. all he wanted was some of a peaceful place and this certainly wasn’t what he’s looking for. He was at the park but there were too many, way too many people there who were making unneeded noise. Why didn’t he chose to stay in his cozy and quiet apartment? The ginger didn’t feel like staying in a closed space at that moment at all.

Cue of the fact that there were too many moving citizens around, one of them pushed the teen in front, making him bump into something er.. nope, someone. Blinking a few times, his gaze shifted in front just to see a white shirt, crimson orbs catching something that helped him so much in detecting who was without even looking at the face. Commitment band arm… Namimori’s feared prefect.

“I’m sorry about this, Hibari-san.” Enma apologized softly, not hesitating in taking some good distance, enough away from the skylark’s personal space.


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His body instinctively flinched back for a moment, surprised by the brush of lips (even though he had TECHINCALLY asked for it). When the other pulled away, he grunted, head dipped forward with flushed cheeks.

Embarrassed, didn’t he? He was a teen– what do you expect? It was obvious for them to be shy for a kiss. The blonde found it to be adorable as for the aloof man to blush. “I apologize for that, Decimo’s Cloud Guardian.” Chuckling in amusement. “However it was the rule applied for those who say ‘shut up’ for me at the mean time.”

Alright, I gotta go. My brother has been screaming all around and blaming me for being slow. For God’s sake it was his fault to wake up late.

You owe me another death, brother.

Alright, see you~

and carnivorousdisciplinarian, I might draw a short comic instead of writing coz me can’t write well.


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Run and/or break. :|

(  Run first okie? //doesthisevencalledasaction since I gotta go I’ll write breakku later~ )

Sound of countless footsteps echoing in the open air at midnight, Namimori Middle School’s ground, only lighted with the dim light of the moon and street lamps.

How many men had lost their life?

Or will the end of the one who stood to protect this city soon?

A sound of metal met metal clinging every seconds, non-stop. Who the hell are these herbivores? He had asked all of them, well 5 first of those who had beaten up so badly. But none gave him the answers he desired and none was he ever seen when he uncovered their masks. Clenching his teeth, he hit all of those men who tried to hurt his beloved school. The great Hibari Kyouya was extremely pissed off now, his tonfas attacked mercilessly

As long as he was still a human; he would reach his stamina

Huffing, panting, he had done. He wished he could take at least 5 minutes break, surely he couldn’t, it’s not like he needed to ask permission from his cowardly enemies who only equipped with swords or lances; no guns and riffles? Great. His position could get any worse if they did.

Just how many men his unknown enemy had?

That temptation to shut his eyes and rested could be resisted no more. A cleverer man above all of his subordinates gave a signal to attack together, Kyouya still tried to move, but he could not use his flames anymore, so would he just accept the fate? His tongue clicked and he stood up with all of his strength left upon him.

It was a moment when Kyoya tried to defense himself, until a figure with a cape, dying will on forehead appeared. Taking the action that the ravenette was about to do.

“Buonasera, Decimo’s Cloud Guardian.”

————-Me knows nothing——-

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Again. A skylark. It seemed like they were spreading everywhere. It was tiring, to be attacked at almost every corner of the streets, making him want to leave Namimori, and maybe even the Japan. Anyhow, the illusionist missed the Italy a little bit, which country was way more interesting. Furthermore, this prefect seemed familiar, more than the others, at least. Shrugging, he just turned around, willing to keep his tranquility, and walked. Maybe it was too late, and the other might have noticed him, but it wasn’t like if he cared.