“I personally have no problems with anyone’s opinions unless they’re an ignorant moron, but seeing as how that person who sent you that ask has a really ignorant blog then who cares what they think even more. Like they can have their opinion and everything, but when they have an opinion based off of biased information, misinformation, and just plain ignorance towards all subjects then it’s pointless to even talk to them. Also you took off anon from your ask box, that’s pretty lame.”

lol JOSHHHHH next time send me a regular facebook message and not the stupid fan-mail thing. It’s annoying because I can’t respond back directly so I have to answer in a post instead ):

But hold on, are you talking about the “Pro-life-equals-antiwoman” blog? Cause yeah, I know, plus their ask made absolutely no sense at all with the inter-racial/inter-cultural marriage being the same as same-sex marriage thing -___-

And I took anon off a while ago when I was getting all those random questions about pre-marital sex. I felt like I was being screamed at and interviewed at the same time by complete strangers…so I just took it off and figured that if anyone wanted to say anything negatively toward me for voicing me own opinion, then if they have the balls for it they’ll do it unanonymously :P