Imagine you and Loki going to a carnival/fair, getting the “unlimited rides” tickets.  He drags you on every single ride and to every exhibition, so by the end of the day you’re tired, but haven’t played a single game (therefore not a single prize).  Loki smiles and points behind you, where three of his duplicates (who have played and won big all day) have their arms full with huge teddy bears, balloons and other trinkets.  Since you have more prizes than room in your car, you give away the toys to children who were less lucky.

Will Jay Live at The Mint (02.28.15) Complete Setlist

Here’s a playlist of all the songs Will performed last night at The Mint!

The set list is as follows:
-@nti-social Media
-Every Little Piece
-Smoke from Distant Fires
-Hercules ft. Dalton Rapattoni
-Famous to You

None of these videos were taken by me.