This is our Carnival of Screams photo from yesterday, the guy told us to look into the mirror in front of us and scream after three, as he said three and the flash went off the clown popped out and screamed, resulting in my family’s actual scared faces and my comical pretend scared reaction! :D (Excuse the drowned rat look we have going on, it rained all day and we were pretty soggy!)

Carnival w/ Michael

Crowds of people flocked in through the wide gates decorated with colorful balloons and luminescent lights. The rumble from the rollercoasters shook the ground. Michael followed behind you with his hands resting on your hips, making sure not to lose you in the big crowd. You felt his warm breath trickle down your neck as he breathed. The only things visible were the dark silhouettes of the people surrounding you and the flashing lights of rides and booths against the night sky.

“Michael?” you said nervously. Being around so many people in close quarters made you feel uncomfortable.

“Right behind you, babe. Let’s go over here,” he said shouting over the loud carnival music and shrill screams from the rollercoasters. He steered your hips, directing you to a less crowded spot near a game booth.

“Oh my god, Michael look!” you squealed. Your eyes lit up when you saw the giant stuffed panda that hung from the side of the booth.

“Your such a child, y/n,” Michael laughed.

“Screw you Clifford, I’m adorable,” you retorted, failing to hold back a smile.

Michael handed the booth worker money. In return, he was handed three balls. He focused on the stacks of bottles he needed to knock down to win the stuffed panda.

“Good luck,” you told him while leaning in to peck his cheek. His focused stare broke when he turned to smile down at you. He leaned and kissed you softly on the lips.

“Ahem,” the booth worker interrupted, causing the kiss to break apart.

“Sorry,” Michael apologized, returning to his concentration. He took a deep breath and threw the ball. It hit the first set of bottles making them topple down with a clang. Two more stacks remained. The second ball hit the next set of bottles; only one more stack. Michael took in a deep breath and let go of the third ball. It skimmed the top of the stack, only knocking down the bottle on the top.

A look of disappointment spread across Michaels face as the worker called up the next contestant.

“Aw, babe!” you snaked your arms around a pouting Michael’s neck. You kissed him hoping to cure his sadness.

As you pulled away from the kiss, his face still lingered near yours. He whispered in your ear, “I’m getting you that panda.”

The line for the game already had started to pile up.

“Let’s just forget about it,” you said trying to shrug it off, “waiting in that line will take ages.”

“You think I’m waiting in that line?” he smirked.“Follow my lead.”

He nonchalantly walked to the side of the booth where the panda hung. He stopped and gently pushed you against the wall where the panda was attached. He propped his hand on the wall close to the panda above your head. Before you could ask what the hell he was up to, he leaned in and started making out with you. His spare hand rested on your lower back and pulled you in closer to his body.

“Run.” he said urgently after pulling away from the passionate kiss. You were confused by his command until you realized he had snatched the stuffed panda while making out.

You raced behind him, hand enclosed in his, as you ran farther and farther from the booth before anyone realized what happened. He and you weaved through the crowds of people before slipping behind the back of a tent.

“For you,” panting, he handed you the panda as you two stopped to catch your breath.

“Thanks,” you replied with a big smile and took the stuffed animal from his hands. “Let’s go on some rides before it closes.”

“Sounds good but first, where were we?” he pulled you in and you two continued the heavy make out session alone in the dark, separated from everyone and everything.

muttluver asked:

1234 i declare an ask war

  • 1:Talk about the first time you watched your favorite movie.
    • The first time I saw my favorite movie was at this indie theatre. I got chocolate and cream soda and promptly forgot that I had both because of the movie being so amazing. Every time a bit of lore was brought up or one of the songs was familiar, I freaked out internally. Walked out of the theatre knowing, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that it was my favorite.
  • 2:Talk about your first kiss.
    • Okay this one is actually a rather interesting story. I was 15 and working at a haunted house. I had been getting fairly close to a guy who was working as a clown. One night, we were both wearing full makeup, him as a clown and me as a victim of an attack by Freddy Kreuger. We were in what was supposed to be like a carnival and surrounded by screaming sounds when he kissed me and I promptly ran away.
  • 3:Talk about the person you’ve had the most intense romantic feelings for.
    • Extremely kind and encouraging. I spent a long time as their friend before the slightest hint of romantic feelings ever came into play. They can be a bit difficult to talk to at times and freak out a bit much, but I still adore them. Still got those feelings for them and it’s a fucking pain.
  • 4:Talk about the thing you regret most so far.
    • I actually don’t really regret anything. I am kind of annoyed by a few things I did over the years, but there isn’t a single thing I would change if presented the opportunity. I figure everything that has happened has led me to where I am now, and I love where I am now. The thing that keeps me up late at night cursing myself the most is all the times I ever insulted somebody else who was just doing their best. No regrets though, just desire to not repeat past mistakes in the future.