I, like all Rushers, am mourning the loss of Big Time Rush. But I have a little more age and experience than most of you and I know how this goes. I am super excited for the guys solo projects and all that they will be able to accomplish with their incredible talent. I will support them ALWAYS because of all they have done for me. And I am counting down the time until the reunion tour.


Pissed off...

I really don’t get why people are saying BTR is over…NOWHERE in that articale does it say they are over. People are twisting Kendall’s words about Columbia and Nick to make it seem like they killed the band and thats not what happened. That article was well written and it said everything that Kendall has been saying this whole time. I don’t get why everyone is freaking out.


Ok..you guys need to calm down and stop being so damn dramatic. Stop fucking twisting the boy’s words around. Tbh I haven’t read or seeing the article where Kendall says the band is over but I’m 1000000% sure he wouldn’t even say that. Kendall has been saying BTR is still a band and I will continue to believe him. Yeah, it’s sad the band isn’t doing anything right now, but the boys are still out there. Can we just let them do their individual projects and be happy about that. Kendall just released HIS VERY OWN ALBUM but yet y’all continue to fuss about BTR. The boys are NOT going to just sit on their asses and wait for the label to tell them to do something. This is a chance for them to get out there and spread their music/movies/ideas to the world without being a damn boyband. Like at this point I just think you all are just ready for them to give up on BTR. Like have a little faith in the boys and fucking be patient. They said BTR isn’t over so therefore BTR IS NOT OVER…. #ItAintOver

P.s. I’ll try to have something new posted this weekend for all those who have been wanting me to update my stories. :)

I love you all but chill t’f out. :)

Still pissed off...

I seriously can’t express how pissed off i am at the fandom. It makes me sooooo soooooo soooooooooo SOOOOOOOOOO fucking mad when the guys achieve something on their own their fucking OWN but yet y’all continue to cry about BTR. In all honestly I think the boys would be better off doing their separate things. It’s obvious that columbia and sony doesnt give a shit about them so why would they waste their time staying with that damned label? And another thing, it’s so derepectful to ask Kendall about BTR constantly when he’s out there trying to get Heffron Drive into the world. Like shit I understand y’all love the guys as the band because I love them just as much but damn, can’t they get away from the band and just breathe for a moment. Just ugh…tonight just has me heated. Ok now im going to bed.