i made a tutorial for eyebrows! as i was doodling some in my notes the other day it started to dawn on me how much brows can make or break an expression depending on how you draw them. so hopefully this helps! it’s less of a how-to-draw-eyebrows tutorial, and more of a how-to-use-eyebrows-to-show-emotion kinda thing, so sorry if i don’t really explain the how-i-drew-it part…

faces are my very favorite things to draw so i will probably do more of these on other facial features at some point, but here’s this for now.

i got that photo of the guy making faces from here: http://www.personal.psu.edu/afr3/blogs/siowfa12/2012/10/facial-expressions.html


you heard this urban legend about the house that used to be the ghost boy’s when he was alive. it was abandoned a long time ago, but the story goes you can find him hanging out in the basement on slow days.

inspired by this post by spectral-pyravia.

i like those immortality-type aus where its in the future (where all dannys old family/friends are gone) and danny sorta keeps hanging out in amity park, continuing the ghost upkeep. (this version is a little more optimistic tho ie danny doesnt mentally degrade or anything like that. just a turnover of town citizens. like he misses everyone but makes new friends maybe.) anyway, fentonworks became a pretty famous landmark while the fentons were still around, and after jazz finished moving stuff out following jack’s and maddie’s deaths, the town left it virtually untouched as a sign of respect, but it did degrade after a while. anyone else who knew the fentons (or possibly dannys secret) eventually died out or left town. after a while kids started hearing about how it was haunted, and started sneaking in to explore. (i mean who wouldnt want to explore that place i bet the ops center is SO COOL let alone the creepy lab basement) 


'…we were in the same grade at Casper High, after all…'

phanniemay day 14: GIW

originally it was just generic giw guys but one of them turned into wes oops

look out thar be headcanons ahoy

EDIT: i continued it! part 2 / part 3

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phanniemay day 04: transformation

as most of you have probably figured out by now, i like doing redesigns a lot… so thought it would be fun to reimagine what dannys transformation could look like. i like the white beams of light thing but its not very ghostly so here is something more ectoplasmic and messy-looking C: (maybe it evaporates into steam or something so his clothes dont get ruined. otherwise he would probably destroy a horrifically unnecessary amount of clothing lol)

to go ghost, ectogoop kinda bubbles over from wherever and washes over danny completely in a wave sorta pattern. but to change back its more universally a waterfall-type action, from dannys head down to his feet. like takin a shower or something.

this would be a lot harder to animate, im sure, but its fun to think about at least


phanniemay day 12: death

i wonder a lot about the lack of a grim reaper-y figure in danny phantom since it shows up a lot in other supernaturally themed media (even cartoons), and the fact that ghosts don’t really ‘die’ in the series. well, besides the clones anyway… in any case, it isnt something thats discussed. (my initial attempt at todays entry was nocturne since he gives me major ‘death’ vibes… eternal sleep and whatnot… but it was a bit of a stretch so i started over.) 

but anyway, putting aside the flipside-of-our-world aspect, or perhaps because of it, i feel like that ghosts dying would be something danny would care about. especially because of the number of ghosts hes on better-than-average terms with. (danny being allies/friends/generally chummy with ghosts in the ghost zone makes me really happy.) and i dont think there would be that many people, human or ghost, that danny would be comfortable discussing heavy stuff with. but clockwork appreciates dannys company and danny sort-of-appreciates clockwork’s all-knowingness so in the end it works out pretty well


Why in the night sky are the lights hung?

Why is the Earth moving ‘round the Sun?

Floating in a vacuum with no purpose, not a one

Why in the night sky are the lights hung?

phanniemay day 01: space

i put more effort into some phanniemay prompts than others but i definitely wanted to start off with something really heartfelt uwu these two astronerds give me the hugest sibling feels so this was an obvious solution

(the lyrics are from blue spotted tail by the fleet foxes, one of my all time favorite songs)

happy dannyversary everyone! wow 10 whole years since danny phantom aired!

yeah yeah i know its the DANNYversary, but hey— valerie got a cool +10yr timeskip design in canon. so i made a tribute to one of my favorite characters from the show. she is such a hotshot hero babe post timeskip and she seemed to cool down temper-wise so i bet the whole town would love her. so i tried making a postcard-y thing. also no holodome because while it was good at making TUE feel…. darker…. id like to think they wouldnt need a town-wide ghostshield now that the bad future has been avoided. may the sun shine brightly for many tomorrows to come!

anyway, thanks, nickelodeon, for producing such a great show. it remains one of my very favorites.