Surprising Penshoppe! Pero char lang! Haha but guys you don’t know how much you made me happy. Thank you for making me feel special and for making me feel na tagiya ko sa missy bonbon. Hahaha I want to say all the words that could melt your heart but I guess all I want to say is thank you and I love you! #carjaq #carjaqmoments #thegiddychiqat27

@ausomnez @andiesguerra @ronpaw2025 @planevillemom


Laughing underwater! Yati ka yati! Hahahaa @andiesguerra #carjaqmoments #carjaq #costamarina #thegiddychiq

Last night was necessary. I’m glad it happened. Nothing beats the feeling of letting it all out and being free from what ifs and questions. Cheers to this wonderful friendship that I am sure will only get stronger from hereon out. @ronpaw2025 @andiesguerra @planevillemom @ausomnez #carjaq