The story of the artist’s model is usually one that takes a back seat to the story of the mythologized creative genius who painted that model. Our exhibit Artists and Their Models, opening next week, will turn the spotlight on the women, men, children, and animals (!) on the other side of the easel. Stay tuned for more, and visit the exhibit starting May 15th, 2014!

Top: Elise Pumpelly posing for the central figure in Abbott Thayer’s painting Caritas, 1894 or 1895 / Henry D. (Henry Darracott) Allison, photographer. Thomas B. Brumbaugh research material on Abbott Handerson Thayer and other artists, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

Bottom: Caritas, 1894-95, by Abbott Handerson Thayer. Painting at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.

P.S. This photo of Elise Pumpelly will not be featured in the exhibit. There were just too many artists’ models’ stories to tell in one small space!


Caritas Annual Report 2010/11

This year we’ve added an exciting new client to our list, a charity called Caritas. We’re very excited to be working with them to consolidate their brand and refresh the look and feel of their collateral.

We recently completed our first major project with them, their 2010/11 annual report. The result is an emotive, warm, vibrant report that supports their brand in all its glory. 

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Stunning new campaign against poverty – visual and textual – by BBDO Proximity.

Breathtaking …

Text translated here:

We defeated the plague.

Smallpox has been overcome.

We’ve developed medicine to treat tuberculosis

and typhoid.

But medicine is powerless against the biggest pathogen:


Everyone deserves health.