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Jade Empire was so good. It’s still one of my favs from Bioware ever. I see a lot of shades of it in Dragon Age.

Eeeyup! Spirit World/The Fade, Jade Golems/Caridin’s Golems, Wynne/Cole/Wild Flower Spirit Sustaining Life, etc

DA:O might have been BG’s technical spiritual successor, but Jade Empire has its narrative DNA stamped all over the series.

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Perhaps? They are more difficult choices to get though.

The Templars aid requires the annulling the entire Circle and also forces you to kill Wynne.

The Werewolves don’t wish to stay such so it would require you to persuade and convince them all the elves must be killed.

And Golems require you to kill Caridin and allow Branka to use the anvil, which cost dwarves their lives and freedom. As well, as ultimately starting a war in Orzammar (Bhelen is King) or with Orzammar and the surface (Harrowmont is made King).

It’s completely possible to miss these choices, they are not the most…moral or easiest choices to make.


They find Branka, who believes she has discovered the whereabouts of the Anvil of the Void but cannot get through the traps, leaving Mira and her companions to do her dirty work. They then discover the Paragon Caridin, who has been turned to a Golem. He explains how the Anvil works, telling her that to power the golems, he used Dwarf lives; originally only volunteers, but then increasingly the King of the time forced others. He tells her he was forced to become a Golem himself after opposing the King’s decisions, and requests she destroys the Anvil. He cannot do so himself because he is a Golem.

Branka arrives arguing that it shouldn’t be destroyed, claiming that with it the Dwarves could reclaim their homelands.

Mira disagrees, and tries to dissuade Branka, who then, in anger reveals a control rod. Caridin pleads for her help to fend off the now-controlled Golems surrounding them, and without a way to stop her, Mira is forced to kill Branka too.

She then promises to destroy the Anvil, but before this, Caridin makes a crown for the new king.

With his work done, Caridin decides enough is enough; he has lived way to long, and takes a step off the edge.

Shale, who has accompanied then through the deep roads, requests a way to find out if what Caridin said is true. They search for a short time longer, and find the evidence she is looking for. With everything done, they return to present the crown to the new king.

The Fall of House Cadash

by missema

Written for the Dragon Age Reverse Big Bang 2014

Cadash was once a thaig of might warriors, but even the mightiest of swords can falter. During the First Blight, the dwarves grow desperate as they fight seemingly endless hoards of enemies. There is little time left for House Cadash, but Shayle is determined to make all of her final moments count.

Story based on art by Expendable Extra

Words: 3295, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1qYqpwY