Question: Will Carol have a reaction to Daryl shrugging off Rick’s banishment of her on The Walking Dead? I’m bummed he wasn’t more pissed off, and I have to imagine Carol will be, too. —Charlie
Ausiello: Well, as showrunner Scott M. Gimple points out, “What Carol knows about how Daryl reacted is pretty limited because she wasn’t there.” That said, Carol’s estrangement and eventual return “does have weight” and “will be felt throughout the season,” Gimple adds. “It’s part of their history. And they haven’t seen each other since it’s happened. So there will be a catching up to that fact.” X

  • Title: He’s Watching Again
  • Fandom: The Walking Dead
  • Characters Involved: Rick Grimes, Carol Peletier, Daryl Dixon
  • Pairing: Rick/Carol/Daryl (mostly Rick/Carol)
  • Rating: M (For smut & voyeurism) 
  • Summary: If you had asked Daryl Dixon a year ago if he had any fetishes, he probably would have laughed in your face and walked away from you. Daryl had never really thought about fetishes before, it was something that hadn’t crossed his mind. Hell, the first time he’d even thought about a fetish was a few months ago, when he had stumbled on two of his friends having sex against a tree. At first he wasn’t sure what he was seeing, but there was no denying that there was Rick Grimes with his pants around his knees holding Carol Peletier against a tree while he thrust into her. 
  • Notes: Blame rottenclickers for this IT WAS ALL TORI’S FAULT. Also I left this where it was bc well it seemed like a good idea, and it leaves it open for more. I’m sure it’s mostly OOC but rn idgaf i’m still pleased with this fic

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all that talk in The Talking Deal of what Daryl will react is making me think Daryl’s reaction on finding out Carol’s gone because of Rick is gonna be a big moment. haha Last time, they didn’t show Daryl reacting her “death” and he acted fine or so. 

but i think it’s gonna be big because it’s Rick, bff, who banished Carol. yiiikes poor Daryl. 

I feel what Daryl will feel. not happy.

clare009 replied to your post: Hmmm…

Omg. If I was drinking something I would have sprayed it across the screen. I think Carickyl is my crack ship. I just want one kinky fic with all three of them. That is all.

may or may not have seen such things. My response was: “I’d like one that isn’t psychologically scarring.” Perhaps you might oblige?

anonymous asked:

If you had to choose a member of the group to be involved in a threesome with Caryl, who would you choose?

I normally despise the idea of threesomes. But if I had to choose it would be Rick, without question. Mostly because I also love Carick and would love to see both Daryl and Rick worship Carol and her perfect bod. Though, I have never read any Carickyl fanfic. If anyone wants to direct me to some, I am down!

Wasn’t there a quote from Andy or Norman, that there will might be exploring the Rick vs. Daryl in the next season?

I didn’t understand about that quote awhile ago but now that there’s another article about more Caryl scenes in this season, it seems like maybe Daryl is re-thinking about his friendship or partner work with Rick and Carol.

I don’t know. Something’s up with Carickyl!