Carickyl scenes like:

Rick: Stuff,thangs,killing people,we should do that,kill everyone. We should rule the world. *stands in the middle of Caryl as a metaphor for his cockblocking I mean…that he’s the leader and they’re his “right” hand power couple*

Carol and Daryl: *stare at each other for uncomfortably long times*

Rick: Guys? Killing? Stuff? Thangs? Trust issues?

Daryl: What? Sorry she still distracting af on those awful clothes. 

Carol: *bites her lips looking at Daryl* He still hot even if he won’t shower so… Think he said something about killing? New world order? Taking over? hm I dunno… I could always cover my nose…Killing yeah…Same as usual then…

Daryl: *first instinct is to make eye contact with Carol* *awesome nonverbal communication* Yeah Carol is okay with it so I’m okay with it.

Rick: This squad tho. I’m loving this formation. They okay with the kiling. *stares dramatically into the camera* *drops a “badass” line*

Roll credits.

What I need in season 6

So there are four things I need to happen in season six:

1. Carol to have more screen time with another women like Michonne or Tara.

2. Daryl and Carol to have fun together, like really cute moments.

3. More Michonne, Rick, Carl and Judith scenes together.

4. I really want some interaction between Daryl, Carol, Michonne and Rick.

Question: Will Carol have a reaction to Daryl shrugging off Rick’s banishment of her on The Walking Dead? I’m bummed he wasn’t more pissed off, and I have to imagine Carol will be, too. —Charlie
Ausiello: Well, as showrunner Scott M. Gimple points out, “What Carol knows about how Daryl reacted is pretty limited because she wasn’t there.” That said, Carol’s estrangement and eventual return “does have weight” and “will be felt throughout the season,” Gimple adds. “It’s part of their history. And they haven’t seen each other since it’s happened. So there will be a catching up to that fact.” X

“She lives her life like a flame; a dance of purposeful chaos.… Her enchanting light can guide you and quell your fears… She’s hot; warming those who respect her and burning those who don’t… She is a flame with an unforgettable glow… A weak man will try to dim her luminance… but her soul mate will take pleasure in fanning the blaze.”

 – Steve Mariboli 

 *Daryl is definitely ‘fanning the blaze’….where’s as Rick is more like - WHOA - Carol!!!

I’m hoping it’s a three-way between Carol, Rick, and Daryl. [laughs] I literally have people screaming ‘Liar!’ at me on the street. But I would rather have them screaming that than 'Pervert!’
—  Josh McDermitt, Entertainment Weekly [mobile] (16/Feb/2014)