Honestly , the universe has been placing a lot of things into perspective and I’m thankful to to be In tune. I’m weird af , with a fascination with aspects of life many seem to forget because of the physical realm hoopla people get caught up in. I know who I am , I know where I’ve been and I know exactly where I’m going. I know who my fam and friends are and I know who smile in my face but talk ish behind my back. You can either be by my side on your own path to the heavens and we’ll support each other along the way Or you can sit and watch this flight , either way I’m on my way. It took a lot of pain , heartache and mistakes to get to this point of conciseness within myself but it was all worth it. From now on I’m only about the people and inner gS that’s truly about something in life and not that surface , cash ruled society that many seem to let take control. As long as I have the people who mean the most with me there’s no limits. I’m focused and determined to accomplish all goals and dreams and if you ever told me a goal or dreams , trust I’m going to push you as we’ll.

#Caribeanrum (at Grand Cayman island, Caribbean)